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A New Look at Extensional Rheology of Low-Density Polyethylene

The nonlinear rheology of three selected commercial low-density polyethylenes (LDPE) is measured in uniaxial extensional flow. The measurements are performed using three different devices including an extensional viscosity fixture (EVF), a homemade filament stretching rheometer (DTU-FSR) and a commercial filament stretching rheometer (VADER-1000).

Stress Relaxation of Bi-Disperse Polystyrene Melts: Exploring the Interactions between Long and Short Chains in Non-Linear Rheology

We present start-up of uniaxial extension followed by stress relaxation experiments of a bi-disperse 50 % by weight blend of 95k and 545k molecular weight polystyrene. We also show, for comparison, stress relaxation measurements of the polystyrene melts with molecular weight 95k and 545k, which are the components of the bi-disperse melt.

The effect of network topology on material properties in vinyl-ester/styrene thermoset polymers using molecular dynamics simulations and time–temperature superposition

The time–temperature superposition principle (TTSP) is a promising tool for filling the time-scale gap between molecular dynamics simulation and experiments in polymer systems. Here we propose a molecular dynamics approach to generate vinyl-ester (VE)/styrene (ST) thermoset modulus master curves that are comparable to experiments.

Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. II. Spectroscopic, kinetic and thermodynamic studies

Abstract HypothesisRecently, we reported a three-dimensional phase diagram for the gelation of cationic tripeptide glycylalanylglycine (GAG) in water–ethanol

Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. I. Rheology and microscopy studies

Abstract HypothesisThe cationic tripeptide glycylalanylglycine (GAG) self-assembles into long, thick crystalline fibrils in an ethanol/water solution. At sufficiently

Formulation of a model resin system for benchmarking processing-property relationships in high-performance photo 3D printing applications

Abstract A well-defined resin system is needed to serve as a benchmark for 3D printing of high-performance composites.

Direct Measure of Crystalline Domain Size, Distribution, and Orientation in Polyethylene Fibers

Abstract High performance ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers are primarily composed of extended chain (shish) and

Correlating Processing Conditions to Short- and Long-Range Order in Coating and Drying Lithium-Ion Batteries

Abstract Processing conditions of battery slurries into electrodes are known to affect final battery performance. However, there is

Characterizing Long-chain Branching in Commercial HDPE Samples via Linear Viscoelasticity and Extensional Rheology

Abstract It is well established that polymer chain architecture and the distribution of molecular weight play a key

Effect of Finite Extensibility on Nonlinear Extensional Rheology of Polymer Melts

Abstract We recently showed that two systems have the same nonlinear flow dynamics if they have (1) the