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A New Look at Extensional Rheology of Low-Density Polyethylene

The nonlinear rheology of three selected commercial low-density polyethylenes (LDPE) is measured in uniaxial extensional flow. The measurements

Stress Relaxation of Bi-Disperse Polystyrene Melts: Exploring the Interactions between Long and Short Chains in Non-Linear Rheology

We present start-up of uniaxial extension followed by stress relaxation experiments of a bi-disperse 50 % by weight

The effect of network topology on material properties in vinyl-ester/styrene thermoset polymers using molecular dynamics simulations and time–temperature superposition

The time–temperature superposition principle (TTSP) is a promising tool for filling the time-scale gap between molecular dynamics simulation

Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. II. Spectroscopic, kinetic and thermodynamic studies

[page_title] Abstract HypothesisRecently, we reported a three-dimensional phase diagram for the gelation of cationic tripeptide glycylalanylglycine (GAG) in

Exploring the gel phase of cationic glycylalanylglycine in ethanol/water. I. Rheology and microscopy studies

[page_title] Abstract HypothesisThe cationic tripeptide glycylalanylglycine (GAG) self-assembles into long, thick crystalline fibrils in an ethanol/water solution. At

Formulation of a model resin system for benchmarking processing-property relationships in high-performance photo 3D printing applications

[page_title] Abstract A well-defined resin system is needed to serve as a benchmark for 3D printing of high-performance

Direct Measure of Crystalline Domain Size, Distribution, and Orientation in Polyethylene Fibers

[page_title] Abstract High performance ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers are primarily composed of extended chain (shish)

Correlating Processing Conditions to Short- and Long-Range Order in Coating and Drying Lithium-Ion Batteries

[page_title] Abstract Processing conditions of battery slurries into electrodes are known to affect final battery performance. However, there

Characterizing Long-chain Branching in Commercial HDPE Samples via Linear Viscoelasticity and Extensional Rheology

[page_title] Abstract It is well established that polymer chain architecture and the distribution of molecular weight play a

Effect of Finite Extensibility on Nonlinear Extensional Rheology of Polymer Melts

[page_title] Abstract We recently showed that two systems have the same nonlinear flow dynamics if they have (1)