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A New Look at Extensional Rheology of Low-Density Polyethylene

The nonlinear rheology of three selected commercial low-density polyethylenes (LDPE) is measured in uniaxial extensional flow. The measurements are performed using three different devices including an extensional viscosity fixture (EVF), a homemade filament stretching rheometer (DTU-FSR) and a commercial filament stretching rheometer (VADER-1000).

Characterizing Long-chain Branching in Commercial HDPE Samples via Linear Viscoelasticity and Extensional Rheology

Abstract It is well established that polymer chain architecture and the distribution of molecular weight play a key

Effect of Finite Extensibility on Nonlinear Extensional Rheology of Polymer Melts

Abstract We recently showed that two systems have the same nonlinear flow dynamics if they have (1) the

The Impotence of Non-Brownian Particles on the Gel Transition of Colloidal Suspensions

Abstract Understanding interfacial phenomena at elevated pressure is crucial to the design of a variety of processes, modeling

Determining the Printing Condition by Investigating the Spreading of the filament

Determining the proper spreading of filament is extremely important for defining the internal structure and mechanical performance of