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Stress Relaxation of Bi-Disperse Polystyrene Melts: Exploring the Interactions between Long and Short Chains in Non-Linear Rheology

We present start-up of uniaxial extension followed by stress relaxation experiments of a bi-disperse 50 % by weight blend of 95k and 545k molecular weight polystyrene. We also show, for comparison, stress relaxation measurements of the polystyrene melts with molecular weight 95k and 545k, which are the components of the bi-disperse melt.

The trade-off between processability and performance in commercial ionomers

Abstract Strong ionic interactions between macromolecular chains improve physical and mechanical properties beyond those of the base polymer.

Dynamics of Supramolecular Self-Healing Recovery in Extension

Abstract Self-healing materials are prized for their ability to recover mechanical properties after damage. Supramolecular polymer networks have

Brittle Fracture in Associative Polymers: The Case of Ionomer Melts

Abstract Ionomers are interesting due to their applications in coatings, adhesives, films and packaging materials. A study of

Linear Viscoelastic and Dielectric Relaxation Response of Unentangled UPy-Based Supramolecular Networks

Abstract Supramolecular polymers possess versatile mechanical properties and a unique ability to respond to external stimuli. Understanding the

Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Linear and Nonlinear Rheology of Entangled Polymer Melts

Abstract Supramolecular polymers are used in many applications such as adhesives, coatings, cosmetics, and printing. Characterizing the dynamics

The Effect of Pyrolysis on the Chemical, Thermal and Rheological Properties of Pitch

Pitch-based carbon fibers are of considerable interest as high-performance materials. There are reports over the last several decades detailing (i) methods of improving pitch-based carbon fiber performance, and (ii) reducing the cost of production via novel processing techniques. However, there remain considerable challenges in producing high-performance pitch-based carbon fibers consistently on an industrial scale.