Postdoc announcement 

Intelligent Machine Perception and Learning (iMaPLe) Laboratory ( at Drexel University is seeking an exceptional postdoctoral fellow who has demonstrated independent research and technical problem-solving abilities in computer vision, acoustic recognition, or multimodal based scene understanding. iMaPLe’s research focus is on developing novel machine intelligence approaches for understanding of environments and perception of human needs. For achieving these goals, iMaple explores ways to enable agents to intelligently perceive and learn the surroundings and interact appropriately and usefully with humans. We consider multimodal approaches, including computer vision, audio recognitions, acoustic scene classifications, source localization, and other modality based methods for developing novel concepts and innovations in machine learning. 

Research Fellows for this position will: 

· Develop foundational machine learning methods for perceiving and understanding scenes from various sensory input. 

· Mentor iMaPLe member students in their research endeavors. 

· Develop undergraduate/graduate machine learning instructional materials and assist in course instructions. 

· Apply for, and obtain, extramural funding to support projects focused on AI and machine learning areas. 

The successful candidate will be a recent PhD graduate in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related discipline. Qualified applications are expected to have a strong publication record and experience contributing to research communities, including conferences like ECCV, CVPR, NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, IROS, ICRA, Interspeech, ICASSP, etc. Strong programming skills in languages like Python, C++, and Java and experience with frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow are also required. It is also expected that the candidate has excellent communication skills in both oral and written forms. 

Please send your inquiry to: