The Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Group

Welcome to the home page of The Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Group (TAMG). The group was established at Drexel University in January 2010. TAMG focuses on using experimental, analytical and computational tools to understand deformation and failure of materials, components and structures in a broad range of time and length scales. To accomplish this goal, TAMG develops procedures that include mechanical behavior characterization coupled with non-destructive testing and modern computational tools. This information is used both for understanding the role of important material scales in the observed bulk behavior and for the formulation of laws that can model the response to prescribed loading conditions.

The Group consists of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as affiliated faculty in Drexel and other Universities worldwide, spanning different backgrounds including materials, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. In addition, TAMG is actively collaborating with leading industrial partners in both fundamental research and development and advanced applications. The Group is located in the Main Building at Drexel University and is affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics.