Non-destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDT&E) & Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)


Modern Non-destructive Testing & Evaluation (NDT & E) methods including Acoustic Emission (AE), Acousto-Ultrasonics (AU), Ultrasonics (UT), Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Infrared Thermography (IRT) are used by TAMG to investigate:

  • The state of existing damage in a wide range of modern materials including composites, alloys and smart materials, as well as structural components found in aerospace, marine, oil & gas and transportation industries.
  • The tracking of deformation and damage development across time and length scales by combining traditional NDT&E methods with modern observational tools ranging from TEM/SEM to optical microscopes.

Nondestructive testing is further used as an integral part of a more general Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system. As such, several NDT&E methods are currently used to collect information about parameters that are related to structural performance including displacements, strains and stresses. This information is combined with advanced post-processing tools to infer on the current operational state and remaining life.


Figure: Examples of NDT setups used for materials testing and SHM. (a) Placement of PZT sensors for AE, AU and UT during Mode I testing of a compact tension specimen (top) and actual setup (bottom). (b) Typical results from materials (top) and structural component (bottom) testing.

US Army PEO Soldier

Figure: Overview of funded research program with U.S. Army PEO Soldier, “Non Destructive Approach For Damage Detection In Hard Armor Protective Inserts”. Project results include: Damage morphology characterization; Tap-test physics investigation; Novel technology/methodology assessment; Damage Metrics identification; Prototype concepts proposed.


Figure: Acoustic emission testing on full-scale aerospace structural component. Consulting project results include: Progressive Failure Evaluation; Damage Precursor Metrics; Critical Regions of Failure Initiation; Proposed calculation methodologies for evaluating component performance using AE data.


Helicopter field test

Figure: Feasibility test for an aerial inspection with multispectral imagery using a helicopter. The traffic was not stopped during the test and distance of 100ft was maintained by the pilot.


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