News and Announcements:

8/9/16 - Shaker successfully passes his PhD Candidacy Exam.

7/29/16 - Mahamud successfully defends his PhD dissertation on Boiling Enhancement on Engineered Surfaces.

7/11/16 - Emre, Mahamud, Donald, Shaker, and Debbie all present their work at the 2016 ICNMM and Summer Heat Transfer Conferences.

5/25/16 - Hamid’s work on simulating heat transfer and fluid flow of PCM slurries is published in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

4/19/16 - Mahamud’s work on surface engineering for boiling enhancement is accepted in Heat Transfer Engineering.

4/19/16 - Mahamud's work on inward freezing and melting of additive enhanced phase change material is published in ASME Journal of Heat Transfer.

2/8/16 - Emre's work on delayed flooding during superhydrophobic condensation is published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

1/1/16 - MTL welcomes two new PhD students, Shaker Ridwan and Rebecca Winter.

8/26/15 - MTL is part of a team led by Prof. Ivan Bartoli (CAEE) receiving a $430k grant from NSF to develop surface coatings for infrastructure monitoring.

8/8/15 - Mahamud’s work on boiling enhancement using bi-conductive surfaces is published in Scientific Reports.

7/7/15 - Dr. McCarthy wins the "2015 Outstanding Early Career Award" at the ASME ICNMM conference in San Francisco, CA.

6/17/15 - Dr. McCarthy receives the "2015 Beer and Johnston Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award" at the annual ASEE Conference in Seattle, WA.

6/6/15 - MTL is part of a multi-institutional team receiving a $3M award from ARPA-E to develop novel power plant cooling technologies.

6/1/15 - Emre and Mahamud each have their work on condensation and freezing published in the Journal of Heat Transfer Photogallery.

5/29/15 - MTL receives a three-year $300k NSF Award to investigate condensation heat transfer on engineered surfaces.

5/5/15 - Md Mahamudur Rahman receives the George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship for demonstrated excellence in his graduate career.

3/25/15 - MTL's research on nano-coatings for boiling enhancement is highlighted by DrexelNOW, LiveScience, and The Guardian.

1/27/15 - Dr. McCarthy receives the prestigious NSF CAREER Award for his work using biotemplated nanofabrication to investigate and enhance boiling heat transfer mechanisms.

11/18/14 - Emre, Mahamud, and Donald all present their latest research at the 2014 ASME Congress (IMECE2014) in Montreal, QC, Canada.

8/27/14 - Mahamud has his work on the role of wickability on critical heat flux published in Langmuir.

8/5/14 - Emre and Mahamud each present their latest research at the the 2014 12th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels (ICNMM2014) in Chicago, Illinois.

5/31/14 - Emre has his work on dynamic characterization of superhydrophobic condensation published in Langmuir.

5/19/14 - MTL and the Complex Fluids and Multiphase Transport Lab (Director Ying Sun) have been awarded $1M from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and NSF to develop next-generation dry-cooling technologies for modern power plants.

4/15/14 - Mahamud has his work on nanostructured coatings for enhanced boiling published in Advanced Materials Interfaces and highlighted as a frontispiece in the April issue.

3/28/14 - Prof McCarthy gives an invited talk at Syracuse University's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

1/14/14 - Mahamud has his a paper on nanostructured coatings for enhanced boiling accepted for publication in Advanced Materials Interfaces

7/19/13 - Emre, Mahamud, and Donald all present their latest research at the 2013 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference (SHTC2013) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

6/1/13 - MTL moves into new laboratory at 3701 Market Street, Room 430.

4/20/13 - Andy Wells wins the Old Guard Technical Poster Competition at the ASME District A Student Professional Development Conference in Worcester Massachusetts for his work on fabricating nanoporous membranes.

3/1/13 - Prof McCarthy gives an invited talk at Columbia University in New York City.

2/15/13 - MTL receives three-year NSF award to investigate transport and separation through virus-structured nano-porous membranes.

12/5/12 - Mahamud presents his work on enhancing pool boiling heat flux using biotemplated nanostructures at the 12th International Workshop on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications (PowerMEMS 2012) in Atlanta, Georgia.

11/15/12 - Emre Ölçeroğlu wins NSF-CBET Innovation Poster Award at the 2012 ASME Congress (IMECE 2012) in Houston Texas for his work on nanostructured super-hydrophobic surfaces for enhancing dropwise condensation.

11/15/12 - Emre and Mahamud each present their work on biotemplated nanostructures for enhancing phase-change heat transfer at the 2012 ASME Congress (IMECE2012) in Houston, Texas.

7/12/12 - Donald Fehlinger receives the National Science Foundation GK-12 Teaching Fellowship for the 2012-2013 academic year.

7/11/12 - Mahamud presents at the 2012 10th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels Conference (ICNMM2012) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

6/22/12 - Stephen King receives is Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

6/7/2012 - Steve presents his work on delaying the transition to film boiling using micro/nano-structures at the 2012 Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Workshop (Hilton Head 2012) on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

3/21/12 - Md Mahamud Rahman successfully passes his PhD Candidacy Exam.

3/14/12 - Emre Olçeroğlu successfully passes his PhD Candidacy Exam.

10/1/11 - Stephen King represents MTL and wins the Exceptional Mechanical Engineering Understanding Award at the Drexel MEGA Exhibition of Active Research.

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