Month: April 2013

  • NMG Paper Selected as Energy & Environmental Science “Hot Article”

    “Carbon coated textiles for flexible energy storage” is currently listed as #1 among research papers in the Energy & Environmental Science “Hot Articles” category. The paper, which describes a flexible and lightweight fabric supercapacitor electrode as a possible energy source in smart garments, is available for free via the journal’s website:

  • NMG Member Dyatkin Advocates for STEM Education in DC

    As part of an annual trip organized by Materials Advantage, Nanomaterials Group doctoral candidate Boris Dyatkin visited Washington, DC for Congressional Visits Day to advocate for STEM education. Read more about the trip at the Drexel MSE website.

  • Mochalin Joins Scientific Reports Editorial Board

    Dr. Vadym Mochalin, a Research Associate Professor with the Nanomaterials Group, has accepted an invitation to join the Editorial Board for the prestigious Scientific Reports. Scientific Reports was launched in mid 2011 by the Nature Publishing Group, the publishers of Nature. It is hosted on and available to the public, publishing original research papers…

  • NMG Researchers Develop Materials to Improve Battery Technology

    NMG Researchers Develop Materials to Improve Battery Technology

    Researchers in the Nanomaterials Group recently reported on the discovery of a new family of two-dimensional materials called “MXenes.” The materials’ structures are similar to graphene, with which they share many properties, including good electrical conductivity and potential applications in energy storage. Now, in a new paper in Nature Communications, Drexel researchers have demonstrated several…