Month: June 2014

  • Gogotsi Named “Highly Cited” Researcher by Thomson Reuters

    Nanomaterials Group director Dr. Yury Gogotsi was named to the 2014 “Highly Cited Researchers” list by Thomson Reuters. Dr. Gogotsi was listed along with Drexel colleagues Dr. Peter DeCarlo (Geosciences) and Dr. Richard Gordon (Space Science). To see the list and find out more about the Highly Cited critera, visit

  • Freshman Engineering Project Prototypes Electrochemical Flow Capacitor

    Building on ideas first laid out by the Nanomaterials Group two years ago, a group of freshman engineering students assembled the first prototype of the electrochemical flow capacitor. The students, from the departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering, worked under the mentorship of NMG PhD student Kelsey Hatzell, whose work primarily focuses on…

  • McDonough Successfully Defends PhD Thesis

    Congratulations to Dr. John (Jake) McDonough, who successfully defended his thesis, “Carbon Onions for Electrochemical Capacitors,” on June 11. (See Jake’s abstract below, or visit the Publications page for some of his published papers.) Best wishes to Jake in his future endeavors! Abstract Energy off the grid, whether it be generation, storage, or efficiency, is…