Month: August 2015

  • Nanomaterials Alumna Featured in Book

    Kristy’s work appeared on the cover of the Fundamentals of Wearable Computers and Augmented Reality book that contains her chapter. The book chapter with the cover is attached.  View the image here.

  • Layered MXenes Continue to Make Headlines!

    The layered MXenes article in ACS Nano by Babak, Majid, et al.  continues to make headlines. It is moving beyond blogs and into leading web portals and professional magazines!

  • Nanomaterials Science-As-Art Work

    Dr. Babak Anasori’s outstanding science-as-art work attracted attention of editors of International Innovation. He was interviewed last month and his interview, accompanied by several of his already famous images, will appear in the next issue of the journal. An electronic copy is attached here and here.

  • Recipe For ‘Sandwiching’ Atomic Layers

    Read Drexel press release about Babak’s “Recipe For ‘Sandwiching’ Atomic Layers Expands Possibilities For Making Materials That Store Energy” here.

  • Nanomaterials Group Featured in Materials Today

    Our work on  “Graphene-containing flowable electrodes for capacitive energy storage” by M. Boota, K.B. Hatzell, M. Alhabeb, E.C. Kumbur, Y. Gogotsi has been featured in Materials Today. Congratulations to Boota, Kelsey and Mohamed!

  • Boris Awarded Ciba Travel Award in Green Chemistry

    Read about Ph.D. Candidate, Boris Dyatkin’s recent award in Green Chemistry here.  The article is a main feature in DrexelNOW.  

  • Dyatkin Wins Green Chemistry award from the American Chemical Society

    Please join me in congratulating Boris Dyatkin on his prestigious $2000 Green Chemistry award from the American Chemical Society (ACS) and visibility associated with this award. Read the following article about Boris’s achievements: