Month: July 2016


    The highly cited researchers or scholars are either the corresponding author or the first author of their publications.  Among all the researchers, only the top 300 in the field of materials science and engineering (MSE) are included in the following list ranked by the total citations of their papers.  Prof. Yury Gogotsi and Prof. Michel Barsoum…

  • Research Highlight-Anodized Ti3SiC2 As an Anode Material for Li-ion Microbatteries

    View the full highlight story here.

  • Researchers Visit NNFC-KAIST

    Mengqiang, Christine, and Kathleen will travel to South Korea to present at NANO KOREA and participate in our collaboration with NNFC-KAIST.  Prof. Gogotsi will join them at KAIST next week.

  • NMG Researchers Attend CARBON 2016

    Tyler Mathis, Taron Makaryan, Mohammed Alhabib, Mohammed Boota, and Katie Van Aken will all attend and present at the CARBON 2016 Conference at State College.  View the full conference details here.

  • NMG Alum Sean Orzolek

    NMG Alumn, Sean Orzolek, has been accepted into the PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh University.  Congratulations to Sean!

  • 365-24-7 Presentation Ceremony

    The first 365-24-7 Presentation Competition was held in Spring 2016.  PhD Candidate, Kathleen Maleski, was selected as the best presenter for the 2016 competition. The 365-24-7 Presentation Competition, designed by Dr. Babak Anasori, is a set of three presentations geared to prepare students for a variety of presentations, ranging from a conference presentation to an elevator pitch,…