Day: October 3, 2016

  • Drexel researchers create MXenes to fight pollution

    Read the latest Triangle story on our MXene research fighting electromagnetic pollution here.

  • Graduate College Doctoral Fellows

    Congratulations to our PhD student Kanit, who has been featured among other Graduate College Doctoral Fellows  in the  newsletter of the Graduate College. There are just 9 Fellows in the entire university and we are proud to have one of them in our group.

  • PRiME ECS Fall 2016 Meeting

    PhD Candidates, Katie VanAken, Muhammad Boota, and Mohammad Alhabib, will attend the ECS Fall meeting in Honolulu, HI this week. Katie’s invited talk is titled, “Ionic liquid mixture electrolytes to increase the performance of electrochemical capacitors” and Mohammad’s talk is titled, “Ionic Liquid MXene-Based Pseudocapacitors”.