DNI at MRS Fall 2017 Meeting

Several member and alumni of the Nanomaterials Group attend the 2017 Fall MRS meeting in Boston.  Patrick delivered an impressive talk to a very large audience today (see the attached picture). Prof. Gogotsi gave his invited talk as well.  Dr. Babak Anasori also hosted his SciVid competition.  You can view a full schedule of the group’s presentations below, as well as some photos from the event.

NM04.01.09: 2D Molybdenum Nitride and Vanadium Nitride Synthesized by Ammoniation of Transition Metal Carbides (MXenes)
11:00AM – 11:15AM, Mon Nov 27
Hynes, Level 3, Room 312
Patrick Urbankowski (Talk)

NM02.02.06: Freestanding Carbon Composite Film Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors
3:30PM – 4:00PM, Mon Nov 27
Hynes, Level 3, Room 302
Yury Gogotsi (Talk)

NM03.05.03: Tunnel Manganese Oxide Nanowires for High-Performance Electrochemical Energy Storage and Water Desalination
9:30AM – 9:45AM, Tue Nov 28
Hynes, Level 3, Room 310
Bryan Byles (Talk)

NM04.07.05: 2D Atomic Sandwiches in Ordered Multi-Elemental MXenes
9:15AM – 9:30AM, Wed Nov 29
Hynes, Level 3, Room 312
Babak Anasori (Talk)

EM10.06.09: Optoelectronic Properties of Solution-Processed 2D Metal Carbides (MXenes)
11:00AM – 11:15AM, Wed Nov 29
Hynes, Level 1, Room 103
Kathleen Maleski (Talk)

NM04.07.11: Salt-Templated Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Nitrides and Their Magnetic and Electrochemical Properties
11:30AM – 11:45AM, Wed Nov 29
Hynes, Level 3, Room 312
Xu Xiao (Talk)

NM04.09.09: 2D Transition Metal Carbide/Nitride (MXenes) Fillers as Structural Reinforcers in Polymer Nanocomposites
8:00PM – 10:10PM, Wed Nov 29
Hynes, Level 1, Hall B
Christine Hatter (Poster)

EM03.16.02: MXene-Based Sensors for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
2:15PM – 2:30PM, Thu Nov 30
Hynes, Level 1, Room 104
Asia Sarycheva (Talk)

DNI at MRS Fall 2017 Meeting