Anechioc Chamber Measurements in Korea

Antenna testing requires special conditions where no signal could interfere with the experiment. This could be achieved in anechoic chamber, a shielded room that creates a “quiet zone”. PhD Student Asya Sarycheva utilizes these anechoic chamber at Daejeon Techno park during her summer research visit in South Korea, allowing her to test novel MXene antennas to precisely define radiation properties.



Cover Art in ACS Applied Biomaterials

Please join me in congratulating Research Associate, Dr. Mykola Seredych, his 3 capable undergraduate assistants, Viktoriia, Paul and Bernard, as well as our former team members Fayan and Vadym and our collaborators in Brighton and elsewhere on a cover article. Their work was selected for the cover of the second issue of ACS Applied Biomaterials. This is our first paper in this new ACS journal.
M. Seredych, B. Haines, V. Sokolova, P. Cheung, F. Meng, L. Stone, L. Mikhalovska, S. Mikhalovsky, V. N. Mochalin, Y. Gogotsi, Graphene-Based Materials for the Fast Removal of Cytokines from Blood Plasma, ACS Applied Bio Materials, 1 (2), 436–443 (2018) 
View the cover and article here.

Congratulations to Dr. Chi Chen

Our former visiting student Chi Chen has successfully defended his PhD thesis and obtained a postdoctoral position at the University of Tokyo. Next month he will join Prof. Atsuo Yamada’s lab.  Prof. Yamada is a leading battery researchers and his group has been quite active in research on electrochemical applications of MXenes, especially in Na-ion batteries and capacitors. Congratulations to Chi!

Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Program Renewed

The European Commission has awarded Drexel a new associate partnership in a global consortium of universities offering graduate students a fully funded Master’s in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC). Drexel is the only American university partnered with the prestigious MESC program and is funded at approximately $3.4M for implementation and scholarships.

Begun in 2005 and re-booted as MESC+ this summer, the program is conducted through eight research institutions in six countries, giving graduate students a multicultural experience at some of the world’s leading energy laboratories — with courses taught entirely in English.

Read the full story here.

2018 NSF-REU Poster Winner

Congratulations to NSF-REU student, Kevin Juan, who won the first place in the REU poster competition today. Kudos to his mentor Dr. Narendra Kurra and thanks to the NMG team for support.