Day: November 30, 2018

  • 1st place in MRS Science as Art competition

    Congratulations to Simge and Kemi for winning first place at the in the MRS Science as Art competition

  • 2nd place at SciVid MRS competition

    Congratulations to PhD students Simge and Bilen on winning 2nd place at the SciVid competition at the 2018 Fall MRS meeting for their wonderful video on smart textiles and the future of fashion. The full video is here: Congratulations also to Babak for organizing the competition successfully for the second year running.

  • MRS 2018 poster presenters

    Attendees from the NMG at the 2018 Fall MRS meeting presented 6 posters, with 3 being nominated for best poster award, and gave 8 invited talks.