Sayan Bhattacharyya Promoted to Full Professor

Former post-doc Sayan Bhattacharyya has been promoted to Full Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) Kolkata. During his stay at Drexel, Sayan worked on carbon nanopipettes and other carbon nanomaterials.  Sayan has a large and very productive research group and he built a modern and very well equipped lab from scratch when he started at IISER. Congratulations to Prof. Bhattacharyya!

NanoWerk Featured Story

NanoWerk features the work of PhD student, Simge Uzen, in their story titled, “MXene-coated yarns as platform technology for e-textiles”. Read the full story here.

S. Uzun, S. Seyedin, A. L. Stoltzfus, A. S. Levitt, M. Alhabeb, M. Anayee, C. J. Strobel, J. M. Razal, G. Dion, Y. Gogotsi, MXene Coated, Knittable and Washable Multifunctional MXene-coated Cellulose Yarns, Advanced Functional Materials, 1905015 (2019) 

Barsoum, Gogotsi Win Prestigious Ceramics Prize

Professors Michel Barsoum and Yury Gogotsi of the College of Engineering’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering have been jointly awarded the 2020 International Ceramics Prize, the highest honor conferred by the World Academy of Ceramics. The prize is bestowed only every four years to recognize the highest achievements in ceramics science and technology. Just 20 scientists worldwide have previously received the prize. Read the full story here.

MESC Graduation and New Class

Congratulations to MESC student, Geetha Valurouthu, for defending her M.S. thesis in France today. Geetha is part of our international MS program, titled MESC. This fully funded international program enables students from around the globe to learn about Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion. Geetha will join Drexel’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering this fall as a full-time PhD student.

New MESC+ students Carter Henderson and Luisa Gomes joined Geetha during her MS defense. Both Luisa and Carter completed their undergraduate degrees in Drexel MSE and are starting their MS studies via the MESC+ program. Visit to learn more about the MESC program.

Congratulations to all!