Professor Gogotsi Reaches H-index Milestone of 200

Professor Yury Gogotsi’s Google Scholar h-index has reached a symbolic milestone of 200! A huge congratulations to Prof Gogotsi who also thanks the numerous students, post-docs, visiting scientists and collaborators, who worked with him on solving important materials problems, discovery and characterization of new materials, and finding new applications for advanced materials. 

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A Scientist Stands with Ukraine

Drexel University released an article titled “A Scientist Stands with Ukraine” which covers the work Yury Gogotsi has been doing since February to support Ukrainian science and scientists. 

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Drexel Press Release: New Technique Allows Drexel Researchers to Scrape Beyond the Surface of Nanomaterials

Drexel University produced a press release on our article “Oxycarbide MXenes and MAX phases identification using monoatomic layer-by-layer analysis with ultralow-energy secondary-ion mass spectrometry” published in Nature Nanotechnology. 

Read the press release here:–lwhKn29XHgA1NPMRAbd0CCmocJUcGRJPGB6vMjFyHKT3UAnPOKcWM 

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Professor Gogotsi Special CNSI Seminar at UCLA

Professor Gogosti will give a seminar at UCLA on Friday, September 23, 2022 on the latest developments in the field of MXenes. 

MESC+ Graduates Class 17

On September 13th three recent visitors to DNI from MESC+ completed their MS defenses and graduated on September 14th in Amiens, France! 
Congratulations to Marcelo Andrade, Ervin Rems, and Jaehoon Choi! 
The MESC+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree is a 2-year programme in Materials Science and Electrochemistry, fully taught in English, involving 5 Universities in 4 European countries (France, Poland, Slovenia and Spain), 2 Universities in USA and Australia, a European Research Institute (ALISTORE), the French Network on Energy Storage (RS2E), the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) and a leading Research Center in Spain (CIC Energigune). 
It is run by a number of world-renowned members of Research Laboratories in the field of energy-related materials who work closely together through several European and trans-European projects. 
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Submit Your Art to the NanoArtography Competition by September 30, 2022

Started in 2016 by Babak Anasori (PhD ‘14) when he was a research assistant professor in the DNI lab, Nanoartography features stunning colorized microscopy images and computational simulations from around the world. The deadline for entries is September 30 and voting for the people’s choice awards will begin shortly after that on Facebook. First place prize is $1000! Visit for more information. 

MXene Symposium at MRS Spring 2022 in Honolulu featured in MRS Bulletin

The very successful MXene Symposium at the spring MRS meeting in Honolulu, which was attended by 10 people from the AJ Drexel Nanomaterials group, was given 2-page coverage in the MRS Bulletin. Check “2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit celebrates materials research”: 

MXene Conference 2022 Poster Award Winners Featured by the Royal Society of Chemistry

Mike Shekhirev, Lingyi Bi, and Mark Anayee have been featured by the Royal Society of Chemistry as Nanoscale, Nanoscale Horizons and JMC A poster award winners at our MXene conference that ran from August 1-3, 2022. 

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A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute Part of $3M Award from the Dept of Energy to Savannah River National Laboratory

Savannah River National Lab posted a press release on September 1, 2022 announcing the award of $3M from the Department of Energy for the advancement of clean energy technologies. 

The research will provide greater insight into the variety of surface characteristics that promote dissociation and recombination of hydrogen on a material surface and the behavior of subsurface hydrogen species. The objective is to provide an in-depth analysis of the interactions between MXenes, a two-dimensional ceramic material, and hydrogen, as well as the influence of external stimuli to fine-tune this interaction. This collaborative research effort is led by SRNL researcher Patrick Ward, Ph.D., Yury Gogotsi, Ph.D., from Drexel University, Kah Chun Lau, Ph.D., from California State University Northridge, and Paul Weiss, Ph.D., from University of California, Los Angeles.    

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