Publishing Advice for Young Scientists

A new interview with Prof. Gogotsi is available on the EChem Channel on YouTube! In this video, Dr. Yuan Zhang and Dr. John Wang interviewed Prof. Yury Gogotsi. As a prominent member of the electrochemistry community, he had some suggestions for young scientists in the field of nanomaterials and electrochemistry.  

Watch here: Interviewing Prof. Yury Gogotsi (Part III): Suggestions for publications 

DNI STAR Students Shine at STAR Summer Showcase

Undergraduate STAR students in our group had the opportunity to present their MXene research at the STAR Summer Showcase on Drexel’s campus on Thursday, August 31. Prastuti (mentor Stefano Ippolito) presented her research titled, “Fast Gelation of MXene Induced by Metal Ions”, Jaxon (mentor John Wang) presented his research titled, “Optimization of In Situ Cell to Observe Effects of MXene as a Current Collector in Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries”, and Favour (mentor Yuan Zhang) presented his research titled, “Maximizing the specific capacitance of MXene by pre-intercalating with cation for water desalination”.  

Congratulations to our STARs!

Gogotsi Scopus h-index Reaches 200

Congratulations to Yury Gogotsi as his h-index in Scopus has reached 200! 

 Prof Gogotsi thanks generations of students & post-docs as well as many collaborators in the US and abroad who shaped several new #materials research fields and opened many new research directions.

YUCOMAT 2023 Program Available

The General Program of the 24th MRS-Serbia Annual Conference YUCOMAT 2023 (September 4-8, 2023, Hunguest Hotel Sun Resort, Herceg Novi, Montenegro) is now available!  

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Summer Interns

DNI was honored to host three high school interns this summer!  

These impressive teens, Faraz, Carnegie, and Alejandro joined us from July 5-August 4 for an intensive internship working alongside PhD students Eliot Precetti, Roman Rakhmanov, and Jamie FitzPatrick.  

Faraz and Eliot studied MXene in silkworms in an effort to create MXene silk threads, Carnegie and Jamie worked to look at what happens when MXene is fed to plants (with a special crossover experiment with Faraz and Eliot!), and Alejandro and Roman investigated conductivity of MXene for RFID applications.  

Congratulations to Faraz, Carnegie, and Alejandro on the completion of their internships! 

Professor Gogotsi to Deliver Plenary Lecture at the SGEST Symposium

Professor Gogotsi will deliver a plenary lecture titled “2D MXenes for Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications” at the Inaugural Symposium on Sustainable and Green Electrochemical Science and Technology (SGEST) September 27-29, 2023 CEST, VISTEC, Rayong, Thailand. 


Professor Gogotsi to Give Young Ceramists Network Webinar

On September 14, 2023 Yury Gogotsi will be giving a webinar for the Young Ceramists Network of the European Ceramic Society titled, “MXenes – 2D Ceramics that Outperform Graphene”.  

Seats are limited and so we encourage you to register today!  

Register here: 

Advice for Young Scientists

Check out Yury Gogotsi’s interview on the EChem Channel on YouTube where he gives his advice to young scientists. Prof. Gogotsi is interviewed by DNI post-docs, Dr. Yuan Zhang and Dr. Rucoun (John) Wang. 

YouTube: Interviewing Prof. Yury Gogotsi: Suggestions for young scientists – YouTube

NanoArtography Submissions Due September 30, 2023

It’s that time of year again! The NanoArtography competition is accepting submissions of research art through September 30, 2023.  

The prize for first place is $1,000 and the prize for People’s Choice is $500! 

Visit the NanoArtography website here:

DNI Alumna Nominated to Vice President of ASM International Board

Congratulations to alumna Elizabeth Hoffman who has been nominated vice president of ASM International Board for 2023-2024! She will be officially voted into the position in October. Hoffman is a Fellow of ASM International, a recipient of the ASM International Silver Medal Award, a recipient of the Drexel Alumni Service to the Profession Award, and was named to Drexel’s 40 under 40 list in 2015. 

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