Scheduling International Research Visits

If you are an international researcher interested in joining the Nanomaterials Group as a visitor  (for a period of weeks or months) please review the information below before contacting the group.

Drexel University allows research visits via the J-1 visa program with proof of adequate financial support for the duration of the scholar’s visit. At this time, the US government requires a minimum of $1750 in support per month for the duration of the visit; we suggest a minimum of $2000/month to allow for reasonable living expenses in Philadelphia. A sufficient award letter should specify the length of sponsorship and the amount of money provided, living expenses, insurance, dependents, and other personal items. If your appointment/ award will not cover all necessary expenses, you may use private or self-sponsorship for the remainder.

Please note that Drexel University does not provide housing for J-1 visiting scholars. Scholars will be responsible for finding their own accommodations.

Finally, scholars must work with DNI staff to submit a completed J-1 visa application a minimum of two months prior to the requested start date for the visit. This is a Drexel University requirement, in place to allow for both internal review of your application and the time it will take the government to issue the visa. Shorter lead times are not possible; please plan your visit accordingly.