Additive-free MXene inks and direct printing of micro-supercapacitors

by Zhang, C. F., McKeon, L., Kremer, M. P., Park, S. H., Ronan, O., Seral-Ascaso, A., Barwich, S., Coileain, C. O., McEvoy, N., Nerl, H. C., Anasori, B., Coleman, J. N., Gogotsi, Y. and Nicolosi, V.
C. F. Zhang, L. McKeon, M. P. Kremer, S. H. Park, O. Ronan, A. Seral-Ascaso, S. Barwich, C. O. Coileain, N. McEvoy, H. C. Nerl, B. Anasori, J. N. Coleman, Y. Gogotsi, and V. Nicolosi, "Additive-free MXene inks and direct printing of micro-supercapacitors", Nature Communications, vol. 10, 2019, pp. 9.
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