M5X4: A Family of MXene

by Downes, Marley, Shuck, Christopher E., Lord, Robert W., Anayee, Mark, Shekhirev, Mikhail, Wang, Ruocun John, Hryhorchuk, Tetiana, Dahlqvist, Martin, Rosen, Johanna and Gogotsi, Yury
M. Downes, C. E. Shuck, R. W. Lord, M. Anayee, M. Shekhirev, R. J. Wang, T. Hryhorchuk, M. Dahlqvist, J. Rosen, and Y. Gogotsi, "M5X4: A Family of MXene", American Chemical Society, vol. 17, 2023, pp. 17158 – 17168.
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