Raptor Robotics


Principal Investigators






Dr. Eugenia Victoria Ellis, AIA


Degrees in Building Technology, Architectural Theory, and Environmental Design and Planning

A practicing architect who designs energy-conscious buildings shaped by the sun such as the Florida Solar Energy Center, Dr. Ellis has over 30 years’ experience designing large-scale sustainable buildings and systems that integrate health, energy and technology.

Research Areas: human factors research includes cognition, dementia, visual perception, photobiology and chronobiology; energy systems research includes passive environmental systems such as efficient building envelope design, natural ventilation and daylighting techniques, and active systems like daylight-mimicking LED lighting, low-energy luminous surfaces and dynamic building envelope design; and  technological systems for indoor agriculture like LED lighting to optimize plant growth and robotics for efficiency and streamlining agriculture production 

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Dr. Donald L. McEachron


Research Areas: chronobiology, biological rhythms and human performance engineering, imaging applications in biomedicine, indoor ecology, influences of the built environments on human physiology and behavior, autoradiographic image processing, neuroendocrinology, and education including the design and implementation of computer-assisted knowledge management systems to augment instruction and assist in the development of personalized educational approaches

Student Researchers