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Principal Investigators





Dr. Eugenia Victoria Ellis, AIA

Degrees in Building Technology, Architectural Theory, and Environmental Design and Planning

A practicing architect who designs energy-conscious buildings shaped by the sun such as the Florida Solar Energy Center, Dr. Ellis has over 30 years experience designing large-scale sustainable buildings and systems that integrate health, energy and technology.

Research Areas: human factors research includes cognition, dementia, visual perception, photobiology and chronobiology; energy systems research includes passive environmental systems such as efficient building envelope design, natural ventilation and daylighting techniques, and active systems like daylight-mimicking LED lighting, low-energy luminous surfaces and dynamic building envelope design

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Dr. Donald L. McEachron

Research Areas: chronobiology, biological rhythms and human performance engineering, imaging applications in biomedicine, indoor ecology, influences of the built environments on human physiology and behavior, autoradiographic image processing, neuroendocrinology, and education including the design and implementation of computer-assisted knowledge management systems to augment instruction and assist in the development of personalized educational approaches

Student Researchers





Greg Yeutter

BS/MS Electrical Engineering

Greg Yeutter’s first word was “light” – an early sign of a lifelong passion. His primary focus is the development of dLUX’s next-generation adaptive light control system. He also leads dLUX’s efforts in characterizing natural and artificial light sources, as well as user perception.

Research Areas: solid-state lighting technology, energy efficient strategies, building control and automation systems, electric power systems, communication networks, sensor-based feedback and logging, raytracing algorithms, machine learning, data analysis, Internet of Things, and the effects of environmental factors on health and performance

Chloe Dye




Chloe Dye

BS/MS Architectural Engineering

With a fascination of how light affects a person’s visual, physical, and psychological experience, Chloe focuses on dLUX projects relating to lighting design and systems efficiency in buildings.

Research Areas: sustainable architecture, lighting design, energy efficiency, lighting systems, electrical and mechanical systems, the effects of lighting on health and safety

Mark Cardish

BS Computer Engineering

Free-form thinker that follows open ended paths to accomplish goals and tasks. Deeply in love with Python and embedded computing. Interested in the applications of embedded systems in human behavioral and physical modification. Cybersecurity and cryptanalysis of embedded devices and computing systems.

Research Areas: RTOS, Communication protocols and networks, Embedded Hardware and Microcontrollers, Internet connected devices

Dario Marasco






Dario Marasco


Charlie Clift

BS Civil Engineering

Interested in finding new ways to improve lighting efficiency and optimize lighting conditions.  He is very interested in working to make buildings more energy efficient and in devising new ways to improve existing structures.  He currently works in building design to innovate

Research Areas:  Energy efficient building systems, environmentally-friendly lighting design, cost-efficient lighting systems, and the effects of lighting on health

Joseph Ato Appeah

BS Computer Engineering

After his freshman engineering design project in the dLux lab, Joseph Appeah decided to stay on at the lab to continue his research on the relationship between light and music. With a background in music production, Joseph intends to combine his interests in the field of music with lighting to create various light fixtures with the ability to respond to sound and music . Joseph is currently a sophomore at Drexel University, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering.

Bethany Carter

BS Computer Science

Bethany Carter has been interested in computer science from a young age, starting with a Java based 3D animation program in grade school. She joined the DLUX lab after working on a Freshman Engineering project with them to create an algorithm for scheduling a lighting system for different seasons.

Research Interests: computer languages, combining artificial and natural light, working with sensors, effects of light, sound and other factors on human psychology, artificial intelligence, game programming.

Fritz Nii Dodoo

BS General Engineering

Fritz has a diverse array of interests, ranging from sports, to music. His main aim is to integrate all his interests in a way that is educative, beneficial, as well as interesting. He has ‘nothing is impossible’ mentality, and dreams big. The more impossible it seems, the more he drives to do exactly that.

Research areas: Sound associated light, processes and how things work. Reverse engineering to make things better. Unexplored usage of light

Donna Zhang

Donna Zhang

BS Environmental Engineering

Donna’s interest in the sustainability of the natural environment began as a young teenager becoming involved in programs and organizations dedicated to applying sustainability and advocating awareness. Since then, she has shown great interest in and primarily focuses on utilizing and mimicking existing natural solutions for modern issues faced by a technologically advanced society.

Research interests: biomimicry, bio-remediation, water supply and treatment, air pollution management, hydrology, energy efficiency, and sustainable lighting designs.