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12/04/23 CBS News. Philadelphia neighborhood faces floods, tough choices as climate crisis hits “Planet Streets”

10/30/23 WNYC. How an 8-acre green roof atop the Javits Center is boosting NYC’s biodiversity.

9/29/23 New York Times. Interviewed for segment: Why New York City Keeps Flooding

8/26/23 WHYY Plan Philly. Lab project featured in segment: Could patio umbrellas and planters help cool Philly blocks? Researchers team up with residents to find tree alternatives

8/6/23 NBC10@Issue. Interviewed for segment: Urban Heat Islands

7/30/23 NBC10. Interviewed for segment: New benches added to the city’s hottest neighborhoods as ‘shade stations’

7/27/23 Fox29. Interviewed for segment: Shade Stations offering vulnerable Philadelphia communities relief from extreme heat

7/26/23 Philadelphia Inquirer. Interviewed for segment: These Philly Neighborhoods get the worst of the Summer Heat

7/20/23 WHYY. Interviewed for segment: Philly expands cooling centers for next heat emergency, focusing on libraries and rec centers instead of buses

7/15/2023: New York Time. “New York Has $1.1 Billion to Fight Flooding. Will It Be Enough?”

6/20/2023: Delaware Currents. “Report: Climate change will bring a foot-plus rise in the Delaware River in Philadelphia.”

6/19/23 CBS News Philadelphia. Interviewed for segment: How climate change is impacting the Philadelphia region

5/25/2023: WHYY. “Philly to experience frequent heat waves, flooding, says Drexel report”

5/25/2023: The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Philly will have more heat waves, and the Delaware projected to rise more than a foot over the next 25 years”

5/24/2023: DrexelNews. “Drexel-Led Consortium Releases Research Strategy for Building Philadelphia Region’s Climate Resilience”

5/19/23 EcoWURD. Philadelphia’s Climate Resilience Research Agenda

4/28/2023: DrexelNews. “Supported by William Penn Foundation, Drexel, Penn and Villanova Join Forces to Help Philadelphia Communities Address Water Management Effects of Climate Change”

11/22 50 Years of the Clean Water Act. Interviewed as part of a short film documentary film produced by Ben Kalina for the William Penn Foundation

9/16/22 Planet Philadelphia. Invited podcast. Flooding Problems and Solutions – a Global Perspective

3/19/22 Drexel College of Engineering. Received an Outstanding Career Research Award through the Drexel University College of Engineering

3/18/22 National Public Radio. Featured on “The Academic Minute” on Building Urban Climate Resilience through Integrated Research, Teaching, and Engagement

12/3/21 Planet Philadelphia. Featured in podcast: “Collaborating on Problem Solving in Times of Climate Crisis”

11/20/21 USA Today. Interviewed for (but not quoted in) USA Today piece: “Climate change brings a perfect storm of raw sewage and rainfall in cities that can least afford it”

11/23/21 WHYY. “Eastwick residents want Biden’s infrastructure plan to fund Philly’s first climate migration”

11/23/21 Drexel NOW. Drexel Hosts First COP Event, Sends Delegation to COP26

10/27/21 Dragon Discoveries. “Keeping their Cool”

10/21/21 Landscape and Urban Planning. Listed as 5th most prolific author globally on green infrastructure in publication “A ‘green’ chameleon: Exploring the many disciplinary definitions, goals, and forms of ‘green infrastructure.’

9/20/21 New York Times. Quoted in article entitled “How can New York City prepare for the next Ida? Here’s a to-do list.”

9/16/21 KYW In Depth. Interviewed for 30 minute podcast entitled Engineering Climate Change, live-cast on 103.9 FM and 1060 AM in Philadelphia

9/13/21 6ABC. Interviewed for news piece, “Flooding after Ida brings new focus on Philadelphia’s aging infrastructure”

9/10/21 Philadelphia Inquirer. Interviewed for article on impacts of climate change on Philadelphia’s sewer infrastructure.

9/4/21 NBC 10. Interviewed regarding flooding of the Vine Street Expressway after remnants of Hurricane Ida passed through the northeast US.

9/4/21 Interviewed for story regarding impacts of Hurricane Ida as it passed through New Jersey.

7/2/21 Philadelphia Neighborhoods. Article featuring our work in Hunting Park entitled “Hunting Park: Beat the Heat Program Brings Cooling Options to City’s Hottest Neighborhoods”

6/18/21 | Grid, Camden’s flooding problem is daunting today. As sea levels rise and precipitation increases, it’s only going to get worse

5/12/21 | Drexel Now, Study: Parks Not Only Safe, but Essential During the Pandemic

4/30/21 News, College of Engineering, Drexel University. Viewpoint: Even if it never becomes law, new infrastructure policy shows the way forward in higher education

1/26/21 | Drexel College of Engineering, Under the Green Umbrella

9/25/20 | Drexel Now, Beating the Heat – Safely and Sustainably – During the Pandemic

9/14/20 | Plan Philly, Racism left Hunting Park overheated. Neighbors are making a cooler future.

7/2/20 | Drexel Newsblog, Q+A: What is the Pandemic Teaching Us About Confronting Climate Change?

5/12/20 | American Scientist , COVID-19 Reveals a Path Forward on Climate Change, co-authored by Drexel’s Richardson Dilworth, Scott Gabriel Knowles, Franco Montalto, and Mimi Sheller

4/23/20 | KYW In Depth, What is the Impact of Coronavirus on the Environment?

4/6/20 | The Nature of Cities, Are Universities and Students Allies in Climate Action?….Maybe

3/11/20 | Urban Omnibus, Up on the Roof: Highlight’s Drexel’s research documenting runoff reduction in the Jacob K. Javits Green Roofs.

8/8/19 | WHYY, Climate change is messing with your commute, SEPTA says after storms halt trains. Interviewed and quoted regarding changing precipitation patterns.

4/1/19 | Super Science, What is a green roof?

2/15/19 | Planet Philadelphia, Interviewed by Kay Wood, the host of environmental radio show on Gtown Radio. The Environment: National and International Perspectives. What are the perspectives of people with both international and national contacts regarding environmental issues?

2/5/19  | News, College of Engineering, Drexel University, Marking Wetlands Day With an Engineered Approach

1/9/19  | News, College of Engineering, Drexel University, Conversations: Montalto on Climate

11/5/18 | Next City. Interviewed and quoted in an article about the business of green infrastructure

5/1/18  | News, College of Engineering, Drexel University Small Garden, Big Answers for PhD Candidate

9/10/17 | Eniday. Interviewed and quoted in article entitled Green Spaces in Cities

9/1/17  | State Impact, A Reporting Project of NPR member Stations. Interviewed and quoted in article: Harvey-level damage probably won’t happen in Philadelphia but intense flooding already does.

8/16/17 | State Impact, A Reporting Project of NPR member Stations. Interviewed and quoted in article. Trump revokes Obama order protecting infrastructure projects from climate impacts.

8/16/17 | Drexel News Blog. Quick Take: The Danger of Rolling Back Building Standards in Areas Vulnerable to Flooding.

6/14/17 | Public Health News. Public Health and a Divided America: Challenges to the field in the new Administration’s first 100 days.

6/2/17  | Philadelphia Inquirer. Swift reaction from Pa., N.J. leaders as Trump pulls out of Paris accord.

6/1/17  | NBC 10. Quoted on local television news broadcast regarding potential impact of Trump’s decision to pull out of Paris Climate Agreement.

5/26/17 | Philadelphia Inquirer. Can Italian design students solve Philly neighborhood’s flooding?

5/19/17 | PLANPHILLY: A project of WHYY and Researchers and residents explore ways Eastwick floods and ideas for mitigation.

3/17/17 | EarthdeskThe Multifunctionality of Green Infrastructure.

2/1/17  | Drexel Now: Climate Change Workshop Tackles Solutions to a Global Problem.

1/2/17  | The Nature of Cities, Blog contribution, “Resolving to Act After the 2016 U.S. Election and the United Nations Climate Conference”

11/21/16 | State Impact, A Reporting Project of NPR member Stations, Interview for a piece by Susan Phillips, Pennsylvania Academics Find Inspiration at Climate Conference.

3/1/16 | Trust for Public Land: Did NYC’s coastal green infrastructure protect property during Hurricane Sandy? A case study of three coastal communities

8/24/15 | New York 1, Drexel/SWRE PhD Candidate Lauren Smalls-Mantey and one of her weather stations at Javits Center’s Green Roof

8/20/15 | CBS This Morning Drexel/SWRE PhD Candidate Lauren Smalls-Mantey and one of her weather stations featured (briefly) on, 2015

7/22/15 | Wall Street Journal SWRE research on the Javits Center featured.

5/19/15 | The Nature of Cities, Global Roundtable on Resilience Invited Blog Post: Taking “resilience” out of the realm of metaphor. How do you measure resilience in cities? How would you know if your city or your community was resilient?

4/22/15 | Philadelphia Inquirer, Drexel green roof research discussed

3/22/15 | The Nature of Cities, Independent Blog Post, Lessons on Post-Resilience from Venice.

12/3/14 | The New York Times, SWRE research in Alley Pond Park and in the Smart Forest Network

10/12/14 | WNYC: NYC Public Radio SWRE research on adaptation to extreme precipitation on WNYC

3/3/14  | The Nature of Cities, Invited Blog Contribution on Urban Ecosystem Services

11/9/13 | The NY Daily News SWRE research on the Jacob K. Javits Center featured in the NY Daily News:

9/26/13 | Environmental Monitor. SWRE research on green roofs featured

Spring 2013 | Ask the Experts, Center for Watershed Protection. Invited contribution on Green Infrastructure

12/13/12 | National Public Radio, SWRE research on post-Sandy climate adaptation on NPR

6-7/2011 | PBS Planet Forward, “Greenstreets: Drexel University researchers investigate urban ecosystem improvements”  Video elicited by National Science Foundation Office of Legislative & Public Affairs for broadcasting on NSF’s Youtube channel (7/2011); also featured on PBS Planet Forward website (6/20/2011), and was featured Webisode on 6/28/2011

6/15/10 | WHYY Radio Times on Philadelphia Public Radio SWRE research on rebuilding water and sanitation infrastructure in post-earthquake Haiti on WHYY’s Radio Times.

3/4/06  | The Brooklyn Papers, coverage of Montalto’s testimony regarding water impacts of Redevelopment of the Atlantic Yards site (Brooklyn, NY)

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