Our group seeks to develop unique material design strategies to achieve chemistry and architectures that provide novel combinations of functionalities with the aim to develop efficient energy storage devices, including, supercapacitors and next-generation batteries, with particular focus on sulfur-based batteries.  

Our group’s research spans from fundamental science all the way to technological applications with funding from fundamental science programs at federal agencies, such as NSF, ONR; technological translational programs at state and federal agencies (PA Nanocenter, NSF-PFI, NSF-GOALI, Drexel Ventures); and direct industry funds from electronics/automotive industry.  

Our primary research thrusts include:  

  • Design of novel electrode materials and electrolyte additives to enhance the physical and chemical phenomena relevant for batteries. 
  • Advanced manufacturing (3D nano-printing). 
  • In-operando and postmortem spectroscopy for deeper understanding of electrochemical behavior. 
  • Full device testing and analysis at both coin cell (1 cm2) and pouch cell (25 cm2) level.