Below are a few of the Papers that have been written by the DK-12 staff and their affilates over the years.

Connecting Artistically-Inclined K-12 students to Physics and Math through K-12 Image processing Examples

Author: Adheer Chauhan

Advisor(s): Dr Gail Rosen, Dr. Jason Silverman

This paper relates the field of Digital Signal Processing to the education of Physics and Mathematics concepts that are taught to students in the 9-12 grade level years. The paper also focuses on the type of students that this program is designed to teach and how their artistically based concepts relate to the digital signal processing field of engineering.
















Collborative Online Activities for Acoustics Education and Psychoacoustic Data Collection

Author(s): Ray Migneco and Travis Doll

Advisor(s): Dr. Youngmoo E. Kim

This paper talks about the Acoustic based web browser games that help teach students in the K-12 classroom the scientific properties of sound and acoustics. The topics go further to explain how the games were used to collect feedback from the students about what they learned, and what each game shows and teaches students through interaction.


Drexel University, DK-12

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