Group hosts Anna Li and Gabriela Marrero-Hernandez for summer research

It was such a pleasure hosting Anna Li and Gabriela Marrero-Hernández in my research group this summer. They did fantastic work synthesizing and characterizing kagome metal and brownmillerite oxide films. A huge thanks to Prajwal Laxmeesha and Tessa Tucker for their amazing mentorship. Thanks also to the Penn LRSM REU site for running this great program.

New paper published in Advanced Functional Materials

Our work on ionic gating of lateral oxide/oxyfluoride perovskite heterostructures was published in Advanced Functional Materials. In this collaboration with Chris Leighton’s group at Minnesota, we demonstrate dynamic and reversible voltage control over a transition between lithographically defined metal/insulator and insulator/insulator lateral patterns at room temperature. This approach enables electric field modulation of anisotropic electronic [...]

Yizhou Yang completes dissertation defense

Congratulations to Dr. Yizhou Yang who successfully defended her PhD dissertation on electronic and magnetic properties of MXenes, co-advised by Yury Gogotsi. Yizhou is headed to Oregon to work for Intel.

Ben Lefler defends PhD dissertation

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Lefler who successfully defended his PhD dissertation on fluoridation topochemistry of perovskites (oxides and halides!). It was a pleasure to co-advise Ben’s dissertation with Prof. Aaron Fafarman.