Postdoctorate Researchers/Research Associates/Visiting Faculty

Name Year Current Position
C.I. Sinka 9/01-8/02 Lecturer at University of Leicester, U.K.
 Takashi Itoh  1/02-6/02  Associate Prof. Graduate School of Engineering, Dept. of Materials, Physics and Engery Eng., Nagoya University, Japan
 Alexander Laptev  10/98-3/99  Dept. Head, Donbass State Academy Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, Kramatorsk, Ukraine
 V. Tzimas  1/98-6/99  Scientific Officer for the EEC Institute of Advanced Materials

 Ph.D. Completed

 Year Thesis Link Current Position
Jovana Radojevic 2019 Mechanical Properties of Compacted Powder Mixtures with a Hygroscopic Component: General Ideas and Special Cases Merck, Blue Bell, PA
Sean Garner 2016 Towards an Improved Understanding of Strength and Damage in Cold Compacted Powders AbbVie, North Chicago, IL
George Weber 2013 Modeling Roll Compaction Mechanics with Multi-Particle Finite Element Methods
Gerald (Jerry) Klinzing 2012 Aspects Into the Structural Integrity of Pharmaceutical Bilayer Tablets Merck, Blue Bell, PA
Brandon McWilliams 2008 Numerical Simulation of Electric Field Assisted Sintering Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen, MD
Wenhai Wang 2007 Towards an improved understanding of strength and anisotropy of cold compacted powder Researcher at Shrinners Hospital
John Cunningham 2006  Experimental studies and modeling of the roller compaction of pharmaceutical powders Principal Scientist Centecor, Spring House, PA
Adam Procopio 2005 On the compaction of granular media using a multi-particle finite element model Principal Scientist,Merck  Inc & Co
Steven Galen 2004 Path dependence and strength anisotropy of mechanical behavior in cold-compacted powders Covance
Jing Zhang 2004  Numerical simulation of thermoelectric phenomena in field activated sintering Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Jovan Jovicic 2003 Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Static and Ballistic Behavior of Mulit-Layered/Multiphase Composites Using Detailed Microstructural Discretization Consulting Engineer, DuPont
Frank Nowicke 1999
(co-advised with Harry Rogers)
Plastic Instability in Rolling of Clad Sheets President of Central Machine Products
Evangelos Tzimas 1998 Microstructural Evolution and Rheology of Alloys in the Semisolid State Scientific Officer for the EEC Institute of Advanced Materials
Tamer El-Raghy 1997
(co-advised with S. Kalidindi and M. Barsoum)
Processing and Characterization of Ti3SiC2 Commercial Director, Africa at Cargill
Consultant at 3-One-2 Co.
Dmitri Brodkin 1996
(co-advised with S. Kalidindi and M. Barsoum)
Transient Plastic Processing of Ceramic-Ceramic Composites Director, Technology at Ivoclar Vivadent AG

 M.S. Completed

Name Graduation
Thesis Link
Teresa Moore 2018 A Numerical Model for the Prediction of Air Entrapment in Powder Compaction
Asher Leff 2013 Evaluation of Strain Effects on Grain Boundary Engineering Mechanisms Using In Situ TEM
William O’Connor 2012

Non-thesis option

FEA Project Engineer at Veyance Technologies, Inc.
Carly Snyder 2011

The Role of Tablet Shape in the Structural Integrity of Bilayer Tablets during Compaction and Ejection

Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center – Carderock
 William Serencits  2009  non-thesis option  Boeing
Michael Sexton  Dec., 2009 Characterization of Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Pads with X-Ray Microtomography and Finite Element Modeling  Graduate Student
MSE, U. Florida
 Barbara Robinson  2009  Viscoelastic Properties of Pharmaceutical Excipients Staff Engineer, Merck & Co. Inc.
 Pamela Panos  2008  Bilayer Tablets Staff Engineer CVM Engineerings
 Peter Milili  2005 Fragmentation of Powders during Compaction Senior Development Engineer at Merck
(PhD. U. Delaware)
 Nicola Trivic  2003 Cyclic Compaction of Soft-Hard Powder Mixtures Solar Atmospheres
 Vishwanath Sarkar  2002  Effect of Process Parameters on the Efficiency of Foaming of Lead-Tin Alloy by the Fraunhofer Method Materials Engineer
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics (PhD, Stony Brook)
 Mei Yin  2001  An Experimental Study of P/M based Manufacturing of Al-Si Foams  Holy Family University
 Naoki Hata  1998  Creep of Ti3SiC2 Sumitomo Company, Japan
 J. Wen  1997  The Effect of Mixing Quality on the Densification of Powder Mixtures
 Rich Walsh  1995
(co-advised with M. Koczak)
 Damping Performance of Elevated Temperature Fiber Reinforced Laminates  Boeing Helicopters
Alvin Lam 1995 Densification of Composite Powder Mixtures

 Senior Design Projects Completed

Name Year Project Current
Andrew Leithead 2010 Effect of Humidity on the Structural Integrity of Bilayer Tablets Engineer at Merck & Co., Inc
Sean Garner 2010 Development of a fracture toughness test for pharmaceutical tablets Graduate Student at Drexel University
Darin Tallman 2009 Electro Slag Remelting (ESR) Process Graduate Student at Drexel University
Gus LaBella 2007 The Impact of Roller Compaction Parameters on Ribbon Quality Colorcon Inc.
Dan Solari 2005 Compaction of Magnetic Powders Boeing Helicopters
T.J. McKelvey 2003 Roll Compation of Powders Saturated with Liquid Senior Materials Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division
Brandon McWilliams 2003 Defect Formation During the Ejection of Powder Compacts Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen, MD
Ben Manderachi 2001 Lead based Foams Product/Process Development Engineer at Accellent
Shernale Vann 1998 Aluminum Filled Epoxy Molds for Rapid Prototyping of Injection Molded Plastics Black & Decker
Charles Czerwinski 1997 A Potting Material for Electronic Packaging Engineering Manager at The Boeing Company
Jason Carden 1997 Suface Quality of Injection Molded Parts  Engineer at Intier Automotive
Jared Cutsail 1996 Stainless Steel by Elemental P/M Engineer Raytheon Corp.
George Pelhert 1993 Elevated Temperature Fiber Reinforced Laminates Team Lead at ExxonMobil

 Visiting Summer Undergraduate Students

Year Reserach Topic Institution
Allison Hoch Summer 2008 Quantitatively Measuring the Abuse Potential of Tablets Bucknell Univeristy
(DREAM Program)
Hans Formon Summer 2009 Fracture Toughness of Pharmaceutical Excipients Drexel University
(STAR Program)
Ben Locke Summer 2009 The Use of Nanoindentation to Characterize Microcrystalline Cellulose Florida Institute of Technology
(DREAM Program)