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Equipment is a fundamental component of conducting research. Our lab has a myriad of equipment at our disposal for synthesizing, processing and characterizating polymers composites. A number of other resources are shared between departments, national laboratories, and universities.


Thermal Analysis

TA DSC Q2000

Perkin Elmer TGA 7

Perkin Elmer DMA 7

Perkin Elmer TMA 7



Microscopes and Accesories

Bruker Multimode SPM

Olympus BX51 Microscope with hot stage




Equpiment used from outside sources:

TEM, SEM, AFM, XRD, Synchrotron SAXS, Synchrotron WAXS, FTIR, NMR


Outside facilities:

Drexel Centralized Research Facility, Drexel Chemistry Department, University of Delaware W.M. Keck Imaging Facility, Brookhaven National Laboratory National Synchrotron Light Source, US Army Research Laboratory