September 29, 2023 / Conferences, events, workshops

5th IN2WIBE Workshop @ Drexel University

The IN2WIBE network team (Jin Wen, Simi Hoque, Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Teresa Wu, Zheng O’Neill, Giulia Pedrielli) hosted the IN2WIBE (International…
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September 17, 2023 / Conferences, events, workshops

Yicheng Li presents at The 18th International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) Building Simulation Conference at Shanghai China

BSEG member, Yicheng Li, participated in the IBPSA conference held in Shanghai, China, from September 4th to 6th. During the…
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September 2, 2023

Star Scholars completed their summer research at BSEG

Our summer Star Scholars Lamia Begum and Amos Zou have both completed their program and presented their work at the…
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July 19, 2023

Summer 2023 Star Scholars Joining BSEG

This summer the BSEG lab is hosting two new undergraduate students in the cusp end of their freshman year. Amos…
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July 18, 2023 / Conferences, events, workshops

Dr. Wen returned from summer 2023 conferences in europe and tampa, fl.

Professor Wen recently attended the Healthy Buildings conference in Germany along with her colleagues as part of the NSF IN2WIBE…
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June 11, 2023 / Publications

fdd dataset publication featured in scientific data journal by nature research

Professor Jin Wen and Research Scientist Zhelun “Aaron” Chen from the BSEG have advanced the field of fault detection and…
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June 11, 2023 / Conferences, events, workshops

Dr. Kathryn Hinkelman visits BSEG Group at philadelphia

Fresh from her successful Ph.D. defense, Dr. Kathryn Hinkelman (Katy) from Pennsylvania State University visited the Building Systems Engineering Group…
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June 3, 2023 / Doctoral Defense

Ojas Pradhan Successfully defends his doctoral thesis

Ojas Pradhan successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “A Dynamic Bayesian Network (DBN) Framework for Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis…
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June 1, 2023 / Awards

NoreshVarman named as the recipient of Drexel Common Good Award for the year 2023

In partnership with the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement, the Drexel Common Good Award is presented to graduate and professional students (master’s and/or…
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May 5, 2023 / Conferences, events, workshops

Visit of BSEG members to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the Hardware-in-the-loop Flexibility Testing (HILFT) project

BSEG members, Zhelun “Aaron” Chen (Research Scientist) and Yicheng Li (PhD Candidate), visited NIST from April 23 to 26, 2023….
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