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Hardware-in-the-Loop Laboratory Performance Verification of Flexible Building Equipment in a Typical Commercial Building

VOLTTRON Compatible Whole Building root-Fault Detection and Diagnosis

immersive Human-on-the-loop Environmental Adaptation for Stress Reduction

IoT Based Comfort Control and Fault Diagnostics System (i-COMFORT) for Energy Efficient Residential Houses

AccelNet: An International Network of Networks for Well-being in the Built Environment

Securing Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB) through Cyber Defense and Resilient System

International Workshop on Connecting Woman Faculty in Sustainable Building Research (WISB)

Building Doctor’s Medicine Cabinet (BDMC): Data-Driven Services for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings

A Simulation Testbed for the Intelligent Building Agents Laboratory – Improving the Measurement Science for Building Control Strategies

Smart Manager for Adaptive and Real-Time Decisions in building clustERs

Building Decarbonization via AI-empowered District Heat Pump Systems

Advanced Solver and Interface Development for HVACSIM+