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Comparison Between Musical Notes and RNA Strands


Codon Wheel

Bioinformatics Labs and Activities

Below are a few of the Bioinformatics based labs that we have implemented at our DK-12 based laboratories.


By Chidiogo Ike-Egbuonu

This lab helps to teach students about using the BLAST genetic tool to help compare genetic sequences and find whose genes are similar to whose. It also helps to show the relation between the Codon Wheel and Musical Notes as well as conduct a Matlab based random genetic sequence walk program.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Visualizing Bioinformatics Lab Manual

Matlab Code for Plotting a Random Walk

Engineering a Random Walk Matlab code

Java Applet for Graphing a Random Walk



By Steve Essinger

This lab, like the one listed above it, has students comparing protein sequences to identify an unknown protein to help solve a murder. The lab even goes on further to have students compare nucleotide strings and figure out who the culprit to the murder was. The lab uses the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) protein and nucleotide database for the activities.

Lab Manual

Drexel University, DK-12

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