Robotics GUI from first day lab


Robotics GUI from second day lab

Robotics Activities

Below are a few of the Robotics Activities that we have implemented during our DK-12 based laboratories.

Stopping Zone and Load Test

By Ryan Coote

The first part of this lab has the students using the iRobots to test the common velocity equation; students enter a speed and time into the control GUI for the iRobot then they measure how far the robot travelled and compare this measured distance to a predicted distance that they expected the robot to travel. Factors such as S.I. uints and physical forces acting on the robot during it's intended path of travel are explored throughout this lab.

Robotics Lab: Day 1 Manual



By Ryan Coote

This second part of this lab has students trying to use their robot to navigate a maze; students are expected to measure the maze that they want to help make the robot travel and estimate the turns that the robot is going to need to perform. Completion of this activity comes from when students are able to fully navigate their robot to the end of the maze.

Robotics Lab: Day 2 Manual

Drexel University, DK-12

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