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Baris Taskin

[Biography, Curriculum Vitae and Contact Info]

Ph.D. Students

Yilmaz Gonul

Ceyhun Kayan

Scott Lerner

Michael Lui

Nicholas Sica

MS Students

Group Alumni

PhD graduates

Ragh Kuttappa (Ph.D 2021) [First job: Intel], Dissertation: "Scalable and Shareable Resonant Rotary Clocks"

Karthik Sangaiah (Ph.D. 2020) [First job: AMD Research], Dissertation: "Reimagining the Role of Network-on-Chip Resources Toward Improving Chip Multiprocessor Performance"

Vasil Pano (Ph.D. 2019) [First job: Post-Doc, Intel], Dissertation: "Wireless Network on Chip for Multi-Die Systems"

Leo Filippini (Ph.D. 2019) [First job: Voxtel, OR], Dissertation: "Charge Recovery Circuits"

Rizwana Begum (Ph.D., 2016) [First job: Intel], Dissertation: Energy Management of Multi-Component Computing Platforms Under Energy Constraints (advisor: Mark Hempstead, Tufts University)

Can Sitik (Ph.D., 2015) [First job: Intel], Dissertation: Design and Automation of Voltage-Scaled Clock Networks

Ying Teng (Ph.D., 2014) [First job: Apple], Dissertation: Low Power Resonant Rotary Global Clock Distribution Network Design

Ankit More (Ph.D., 2013) [First job: Intel], Dissertation: Network-on-Chip (NoC) Architectures for Exa-Scale Chip-Multi-Processors (CMPs)

Jianchao Lu (Ph.D., 2011), [First job: Synopsys], Dissertation: High Performance IC Clock Networks with Grid and Tree Topologies

Vinayak Honkote (Ph.D., 2010), [First job: Intel], Dissertation: Design Automation and Analysis of Resonant Clocking Technologies

MS graduates

Angela Wei (MS, 2021) [First job: SAP] Thesis: "Novel Wireless Non-Uniform Multi-Die Systems"

Dongen Bradley Zhou (2021)

Steven Khoa (MS, 2020) [First job: There that must not be named] Thesis: "Adiabatic Step-Charging Power-Clock Generator"

Adarsha Balaji (MS, 2018) [Ph.D. at Drexel University]

Isikcan Yilmaz (MS, 2018) [First job: Apple]

Stephen DeLuca (MS, 2015) [First job: Intel]

Julian Kemmerer, (MS 2014) [First job: Susquehanna International Group]

Swetha George (MS 2012) [Ph.D. at the University of Rochester]

Kevin Daly (MS, 2011) [There that must not be named]

Sharat C. Shekar (MS, 2011) [First job: Samsung Austin Research]

Xiaomi Mao (MS, 2011) [First job: Oracle/Sun]

Yaswanth Simhadri (MS, 2008)

Shannon M. Kurtas (BS/MS, 2007) [First job: Intel], Thesis: Statistical Static Timing Analysis of Nonzero Clock Skew Circuits

Visiting graduate students

Milene Douarche (2017) [MS student visiting from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France]

Junghoon Oh (2016) [PhD student visiting from Japan Advanced Institute of Technology, Japan]

Sophie Germain (2015) [MS student visiting from Grenoble Institute of Technology, France]

Undergraduate Researchers

Malachi Moody (2020) [Delaware State University- NSF REU]}

Eric Zane (2020) [Rowan University - NSF REU]}

Angela Wei (2019) [Drexel]

Steven Khoa (2019) [Drexel]

Albert Emanuel Milani (2019) [Drexel, REU]

Kathrina Waugh (2018) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Rhea Dutta (2018) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Neil Eelman (2018-2019) [Drexel]

Irmak Gezginer (2017) [Middle East Technical University]

Daniel Heuckeroth (2016) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Albert Emanuel Milani (2016) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Nazzareno Farnesi (2016) [Drexel, Drexel STARS scholar]

Brian Hosler (2015-2016) [Drexel]

Eric Leggett, Jr (2015-2016) [Drexel]

Gabrielle Madden (2015) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Isikcan Yilmaz (2015-2016) [Drexel, MS at Drexel]

Eronides Felisberto Da Silva Neto (2015) [Temple]

George Slavin (2015) [Drexel]

Habeeb Olawin (2014) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Fernando Ellis (2013) [RIT - NSF REU]

Daniel Schoepflin (2013) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Giordano Salvador (2013-2014) [Penn - NSF REU, GRFP 2015, PhD at UIUC]

Vasil Pano (2013-2014) [Drexel, PhD at Drexel]

Andrew Apollonsky (2012) [Cooper Union - NSF REU]

Michael Miller (2012) [Goshen College - NSF REU, GRFP 2015, grad school at CMU]

Michael Sineriz (2012) [Maryland - NSF REU]

Scott Lerner (2012-2014) [Drexel, GRFP 2015, PhD at Drexel]

Isuru Daulagala (2012) [Drexel]

Catherine Leis (2011) [Drexel, MS at Penn]

Asha Habib (2011) [Bryn Mawr College - NSF REU]

Kevin Linger (2011) [University of Virginia - NSF REU]

Andrew Richard Benton (2011) [Drexel STARS scholar]

David Hocky (2011) [Drexel STARS scholar]

Yusuf Aksehir (2010) [Sabanci University]

Abdalla Musmar (2010) [An-Najah National University - NSF REU, graduate school at CMU]

Michael Edoror (2010) [University of Maryland - NSF REU]

Bo Hyun Kim (2010) [Carnegie Mellon University, graduate school at Columbia University]

S. Kutal Gokce (2008) [Middle East Technical University (METU), M.S. at Koc University, Ph.D. at U of Texas-Austin]

Can Hankendi (2008) [Sabanci University, M.S. at USC, Ph.D. at Boston University]

Danh Nguyen (2007) [Ph.D. at Drexel University]

High-School Researchers

Ioannis A. Savidis (2019) [Undergraduate at Drexel University]

Edison Kim (2016) [Undergraduate at Temple University]

Ilteris K. Canberk (2010) [Robert College, undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University]