Welcome to research website of Dr. Andrew Magenau from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University.

Magenau Research Group 2017
FISA - Functionalization-Induced Self Assembly
MaGNet Gels - Grafting-through ROMP for gels with tailorable moduli and crosslink densities
From Click Chemistry to Cross-Coupling: Designer Polymers from One Efficient Reaction
Bossone Research Center: Home of the MMG
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Research in the Macromolecular Materials Group (MMG) focuses on developing innovative synthetic platforms to generate functional soft materials with complex macromolecular architectures.  We take a bottom-up approach to synthesizing soft materials and higher-order superstructures through assembly of strategic macromolecular building blocks.  Materials created in the MMG have potential target applications in membrane technologies for water purification and exchange, soft materials with dynamic and self-healing properties, porous constructs for solid-supported catalysis, and controlled/targeted delivery systems for diagnostics and medicinal applications.  Our research interests exist at the interface biology, chemistry, and soft materials with particular emphasis on employing cutting-edge polymer chemistry to create advanced materials with synergistic and tailored properties.