Project Title:

A Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor Network

Principal Investigator:

Jin Wen


Lisa Chen Ng

Funding Agency:

National Science Foundation

Funding Period:



This project aims at designing and implementing a smart indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor system in a real demonstration building. The proposed IAQ sensor network consists of sensors that supply long term continuous measurements for indoor gas pollutants, particle pollutants, and bio-aerosol pollutants. The design and evaluation methodologies for a comprehensive IAQ sensor network are explored. The data collection and analysis methods are examined. The innovation of the proposed study include: 1) systematically examine how to design and evaluate the next generation comprehensive IAQ sensor network; and 2) construction and implementation of a smart IAQ sensor network which includes large variety of IAQ sensors in a real building to supply long-term real time IAQ measurements for the relevant research society and to demonstrate the next generation IAQ sensor network concept.