Dr. Jin Wen has finished her FULBRIGHT project in Sweden

Dr. Wen has spent last year in Sweden, sponsored by the Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program. Her project, titled Building Doctor’s Medicine Cabinet (BDMC): Data-Driven Analytics Algorithms for User-adapted Smart Building Performance Health Monitoring, aims at developing a partnership with Professor Martinac and his team at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden (KTH). The project focuses on building doctors, which include engineers and technicians working in the building commissioning and energy service industry. Building doctor-centered algorithms, referred to as the Building Doctor’s Medicine Cabinet (BDMC) include big-data-driven whole building performance evaluation and health monitoring algorithms.  The goal is to equip building doctors with highly automated and computationally efficient algorithms that can accurately analyze the large, diverse building performance datasets collected from a User-adapted Smart Building Performance Management system, which could include non-traditional data sources such as data transmitted by Internet of Things (IOT) devices. While in Sweden, Dr. Wen has participated in other relevant projects such as the EU QUEST project (https://project-quest.eu/about) and took a leadership role in the recently started ANNEX 81 project (https://annex81.iea-ebc.org/). She was also invited to the 2019 Nobel Prize Ceremony and the U.S. Nobel Laureates Reception Nobel reception hosted by the U.S. Embassy https://www.facebook.com/fulbrightsweden/posts/nobel-day-in-sweden-fulbright-grantees-joined-in-the-celebrations-with-an-educat/2790149787673863/ .