Project Title:

Framework for Assessing the Energy Efficiency Strategies of the Philadelphia Housing Authority

Principal Investigator:

Jin Wen and Patrick Gurian

Research Assistant:

Liam Hendricken, Jared Langevin, Ran Liu and Adam Regnier

Funding Agency:

Philadelphia Housing Authority

Funding Period:



The overall objective of this project is to develop a framework to evaluate, assess and promote energy efficiency and alternative energy strategies for PHA with multifamily housing portfolios though energy simulation, energy measurement, energy performance assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and energy policy studies.
More specifically, the scope of this project includes:

  1. Develop a cost-benefit analysis framework (methods and tools) to assess energy strategies and to make decisions under uncertainties;
  2. Develop an energy assessment measurement and verification (M&V) framework to measure and verify energy savings from energy conservation methods;
  3. Develop Energy Plus (E+) models for selected stimulus project buildings (Markoe Street 23 unit development, Plymouth Hall redevelopment, Mantua Hall Redevelopment, and Paschall Redevelopment) and one existing building (Harrison Plaza high rise building);
  4. Develop a model validation methodology and perform limited scale model validation practice for the Harrison Plaza high rise building model;
  5. Collect occupant behavior data to understand and incentivize energy efficient behaviors.