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Please check out our Discovery K12 Program:  http://dk12.ece.drexel.edu

  • ECE 435 - Statistical Signal Processing for Genomics (Spring 2009): Students learn basic bioinformatics, Dynamic Programming for Sequence Alignment, HMMs for Gene Prediction and Alignment, Basics of Information Theory for Motif Recognition, and Machine Learning Techniques for Metagenomics.

  • ECE 690 - Genomic Signal Processing II (Spring 2008): This course focuses on signal processing techniques used in bioinformatics.  The course delves beyond genomics. Topics such as modeling genetic networks with boolean logic, microarray technologies, and an introduction to machine learning for gene expression will be explored.

  • ECE 690/640 - Genomic Signal Processing (Fall 2006, Winter 2008, Spring 2009, Winter/Fall 2010): This course focuses on signal processing techniques used in bioinformatics. Students will learn how to use publicly available genomic databases and learn about DNA Representation, Sequence Analysis, Gene Recognition and Prediction, and Sequence Discovery.

  • ECES-302: Tranform Methods and Filtering (Winter, Spring, Fall 2007, Spring 2010, Spring 2011): In this course, students learn about the fundamentals of systems modeling and signal analysis. The FFT, Laplace, DTFT, and Z-transforms are formally introduced. Two Matlab laboratories are assigned.

  • ECES-352: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (Winter 2011): This course Covers discrete-time signals, analog-digital conversion, time and frequency domain analysis of discrete-time systems, analysis using Z-transform, introduction to digital filters, discrete-time Fourier transform, Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).