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Lab Members
EESI Laboratory: We are EESI like a Sunday morning

Summer 2012 photo

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Gail Rosen
Dr. Gail Rosen
Genomic Signal Processing
Bahrad Sokhansanj
Dr. Bahrad Sokhansanj
IP Law and Biomedical Engineering
Chris Blackwood
Dr. Christopher Blackwood
Soil Biology
Simon Foucart
Dr. Simon Foucart
Texas A&M
Robi Polikar
Dr. Robi Polikar
Machine Learning
Loni Phillip Tabb
Dr. Loni Philip Tabb
Bayesian Statistics
Jacob Russell
Dr. Jacob Russell
Microbial Ecology
Uri Hershberg
Dr. Uri Hershberg
Immunological Informatics
Jason Silverman
Dr. Jason Silverman
Math Education
Christopher Mason
Christopher Mason
Weill Cornell Medicine
Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson
University of Buffalo
Erica Graham
Erica Graham
Bryn Mawr College
Susan Wei
Susan Wei
University of Minnesota
Roummel Marcia
Roummel Marcia
UC Merced
Subhanshu Gupta
Subhanshu Gupta
Washington State U
Ruth Hershberg
Ruth Hershberg
The Technion
Jim Cole
James Cole
Ribosomal Database Project

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Stephen Woloszynek
Stephen Woloszynek (ECE)- PhD Candidate
Topic: Topic Modeling to infer microbial composition and interaction
Zhengqiao Zhao
Zhengqiao Zhao (ECE):- PhD
Topic: Developing an incremental learning framework for unsupervised and semi-supervised systems.

Undergraduate Students   Back to Top

Christine Ho (Biomedical Engineering)
Topic: Sustainable Educational Computer Laboratories

Calvin Morrison (Temple Univ. Computer Science)
Scientific Programmer

High School Students & Teachers   Back to Top

Dr. Stuart Surrey
Dr. Stuart Surrey
Philadelphia High School For Girls
Pete Konstantopolous
Pete Konstantopolous - CAPA Teacher
Check out my 2008 presentation!
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