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Recent Publications

  • D. Koslicki, S. Foucart, and G. Rosen.   "WGSQuikr: Fast Whole-Genome Shotgun Metagenomic Classification,"   PLoS ONE, March 2014.   [open access link]

  • Y. Lan, J.C. Morrison, R. Hershberg, and G.L. Rosen.   "POGO-DB: a database of pairwise-comparisons of genomes and conserved orthologous genes,"   Nucleic Acids Research, Jan. 2014.   [open access link]

  • J.-L. Bouchot, W. Trimble, G. Ditzler, Y. Lan, S. Essinger, and G. Rosen.   "Advances in Machine Learning for Processing and Comparison of Metagenomic Data," Computational Systems Biology, Academic Press, Dec. 2013.  

  • G. Ditzler, Y. Lan, J.-L. Bouchot, and G.L. Rosen.   "Variable selection to improve classification of metagenomes,"   Encyclopedia of Metagenomics,   Publisher: Springer, Nov. 2013.   [link]

  • J. Silverman, G.L. Rosen, and S. Essinger.   "Applications in Digital Image Processing,"   Mathematics Teacher magazine, Aug. 2013   [JSTOR link]

  • D. Koslicki, S. Foucart, and G. Rosen.   "Quikr: a Method for Rapid Reconstruction of Bacterial Communities via Compressive Sensing,"   Bioinformatics, Sept. 2013.   [link]

  • G. Ditzler, G. Rosen, and R. Polikar.   "Incremental learning of new classes from unbalanced data," International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Dallas, TX, Aug. 2013.   [Preprint]

  • G. Ditzler, G. Rosen, and R. Polikar.   "Discounted expert weighting for concept drift,"   IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments, Singapore, April 2013.   [IEEE link]

  • Y. Lan, A. Kriete, and G. Rosen.   "Selecting age-related functional characteristics in the human gut microbiome,"   BMC Microbiome, Jan. 2013.   [link]

  • E. R Reichenberger, G. M Alexander, M. J Perreault, J. A Russell, R. J Schwartzman, U. Hershberg, and G. Rosen.   "Establishing a Relationship between Bacteria in the Human Gut and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,"   Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, Dec. 2012.   [pubmed]

  • K.E. Sullam, S.D. Essinger, C.A. Lozupone, M.P. O'Connor, G.L. Rosen, R. Knight, S.S. Kilham, and J.A. Russell. "Environmental and ecological factors that shape the gut bacterial communities of fish: a meta-analysis,"  Microbial Ecology, July 2012.  [pubmed]

  • Y. Lan, Q. Wang, J. Cole, and G. Rosen.  "Using the RDP classifier to predict taxonomic novelty and reduce the search space for finding novel organisms,"   PLoS ONE, March 2012.  [pubmed]

  • Xin Chen, Xiaohua Hu, Tze-Yee Lim, X. Shen, E.K. Park, and Gail Rosen.   "Exploiting the Functional and Taxonomic Structure of Genomic Data by Probabilistic Topic Modeling,"   IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, July/August 2012.  [pubmed]