Welcome to Dr. Najafi’s research group at  the Drexel University

In the Multiscale Computational Mechanics and Biomechanics LAB (MCMB LAB), we build on a multidisciplinary education and research experience in theoretical and applied mechanics, biomechanics, and computational science and engineering. We develop advanced numerical methods and modern top-down optimization schemes to simulate and optimize biological and biomimetic materials. Our research lies in the broad areas of numerical optimization, bio-inspired design, and computational modeling of the damage mechanisms of biological materials, encompassing a wide spectrum of methodologies ranging from micromechanics to multi-scale simulations to machine learning.

One of the main focuses of research in MCMB LAB is to develop advanced shape/topology optimization methods tailored specifically for the computational design of complex materials and structures. For instance, our optimization tools enable us to design materials using a top-down approach where multi-physics performance criteria drive the overall design of material constituents and microstructure, versus current bottom-up approaches where as-fabricated materials are deployed in applicable systems. A second major direction for our research lab focuses on the multiscale mechanical modeling of mineralized biological tissues (e.g. bone and dentin) with an emphasis on the fracture. We investigate how bone resists fracture at different length scales of its hierarchical structure.

Our Research is mostly interdisciplinary involving collaboration with a wide variety of engineering and applied science disciplines including mechanics, civil, aerospace, material science, biochemistry, and biomedical engineering. If you have a passion for solving challenging problems in computational mechanics and biomechanics in a multidisciplinary environment, our group is the place to pursue your academic goals to reach your full potential.