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About our group

In the Mesoscale Materials Lab we explore how symmetry-breaking in ferroic meta-materials drives the interaction of light and other waves with excitations solids. Welcome to our site.

It is well known how the properties of a solid arise from its symmetry, whether this is defined within the bulk interior, or by the presence of a surface or interface. We study how symmetry-breaking at different length scales alters how light and other electromagnetic radiation interacts and propagates in ferroelectric and related materials.

Project Highlights

Dielectric meta-materials

The domain-wall structure and dynamics are found to enhance, rather than inhibit, the high-frequency performance of an intrinsically tunable material, obtaining ultra-low loss and exceptional frequency selectivity. Illustration credit: Felice Macera. Relevant publication


Ballistic photoconduction and a mesoscopic electron free path can be attained at room temperature in a ferroelectric insulator.
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Hot elections multiply

Nanoscale electrodes and the bulk photovoltaic effect together permit high quantum yield.
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Cooler crystallization

Solid phase epitaxy of ferroelectric perovskite oxide films can occur from amorphous films produced by atomic layer deposition at temperatures much lower than the usual bulk crystallization temperatures.
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Surface triggered subsurface UV light

Chemisorption and desorption of water fragments permits reversible quantum well ultraviolet luminescence. Relevant publication

Recent News

Solar energy conversion breakthrough with help from a ferroelectrics pioneer

Solar energy conversion breakthrough with help from a ferroelectrics pioneer

August 9, 2016BY Mmladmin

Designers of solar cells may soon be setting their sights higher as a discovery by a team of researchers has revealed a class of materials that could be better at converting sunlight into energy than