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Solar energy conversion breakthrough with help from a ferroelectrics pioneer

Solar energy conversion breakthrough with help from a ferroelectrics pioneer

August 9, 2016BY Mmladmin

Designers of solar cells may soon be setting their sights higher as a discovery by a team of researchers has revealed a class of materials that cou

Welcoming new group members in 2016

June 22, 2016BY Mmladmin

We welcome graduate students Andrew Bennett-Jackson (MSE), Anthony Ruffino (Physics) and Alexandria Will-Cole (MSE) to the group! We also welcome D

Gu awarded sponsored extended visit to Japan

June 22, 2016BY Mmladmin

PhD Candidate Zongquan Gu has been selected to participate in the National Institute for Communications Technologies (NICT) supported program in Ja

Hawley, McGuckin and Akbashev defend

February 6, 2016BY Mmladmin

Terrence McGuckin defended his PhD thesis “Exploring the Electronic Landscape at Interfaces and Junctions in Semiconductor Nanowire Devices w

Congratulations to Dr. Guannan Chen and to Dr. Mohammad Islam!

August 14, 2014BY Mmladmin

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Mohammad A. Islam, Research Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering has been appointed

MML Group Members Receive Awards at the 2014 Spring MRS

May 12, 2014BY Mmladmin

MML group members and PhD candidates Guannan Chen and Andrew R Akbashev were honored with selection for awards at the 2014 Spring MRS Meeting in Sa

Low-energy route to epitaxial complex oxides

September 25, 2013BY Mmladmin

In a new paper in Nano Letters from the group co-authored by Andrew Akbashev and Guannan Chen we report an atomic layer deposition-based route for