Paper Published in Applied Physics Letters

Chun-Yi Hsieh, Yung-Ting Chen, Wei-Jyun Tan, Yang-Fang Chen, Wan Y. Shih, and Wei-Heng Shih’s latest paper, titled “Graphene-lead zirconate titanate optothermal field effect transistors,” has been published online in Applied Physics Letters.

From the abstract: “We have developed a pyroelectric field effect transistor (FET) based on a graphene-lead zirconate titanate (PZT) system. Under the incidence of a laser beam, the drain current can be increased or decreased depending on the direction of the polarization of the PZT substrate. The drain current sensitivity of the optothermal FET can reach up to 360 nA/mW at a drain field of 6.7 kV/m more than 5 orders of magnitude higher than that of the photogating transistors based on carbon nanotube on SiO2/Si substrate. Graphene is an excellent component for pyroelectric FET due to its high optical transparency and conductance.”

The paper can be viewed directly here. [View PDF]