Current Projects

Algal Biotechnologies for Energy and Resource Recovery from Waste Streams 

Our research group is working on

(1) developing algal biotechnologies toalgae_diagram
treat landfill leachate and centrate from municipal wastewater
treatment plants, and

(2) characterizing and identifying the algal
processes, at microscopic, molecular, and biochemical levels, using an
array of high-throughput culture-independent and culture-dependent
methodologies. More…



Microbial Systems Involved in TNT Biodegradation


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with the 3D model of the
TNT structure
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Our research focus is taking a meta-omics approach to understand biodegradation of TNT by microbial communities in the field. We are applying next generation sequencing platforms, such as Illumina HiSeq 2500, to perform 16s microbial and ITS fungal community analyses, whole shotgun metagenomics sequencing, and RNA-seq analyses. More…