• June 2022: Congratulations to Srinidi Badhrinathan on defending her MS thesis, Investigating the Origins of Interfacial Molecular Additive Improvement of Alkaline HER/HOR Kinetics on Pt(111), and for her new position at Giner!
  • March 2022: Congratulations to Dr. Luis Rebollar for successfully defending his thesis!
  • February 2022: Luis Rebollar wins College of Engineering Outstanding Ph.D. Student Award and Ram Gawas is selected for 2022 College of Engineering Carleone Award! Congratulations both!
  • January 2022: Welcome new PhD student, Karla Negrete! Karla is working on imaging methods for battery electrodes.
  • December 2021: Ram’s paper, “Characterization of a Sulfonated Poly(Ionic Liquid) Block Copolymer as an Ionomer for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells using Rotating Disk Electrode”, is published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society!
  • November 2021: This month we said good bye to our post doc, Harsha. We wish him the best at his new job at Evonik!

  • October 2021: Our paper, “Gd-Ni-Sb-SnO2 electrocatalysts for active and selective ozone production”, is published in the AIChE Journal! Nice work James, Tana, and Harsha!
  • September 2021: Welcome new PhD student, Rayan Alaufey! Rayan is continuing our work on electrochemical ozone production.
  • August 2021: Our group participated in the annual CBE student-faculty soccer game. Go Tang Lab!
  • July 2021: We held a (belated) celebration with our labmates from the Snyder group! Congratulations to Maureen and Josh on earning tenure! Congratulations to Sophie, Renee, James, and Phu on their graduation!
  • July 2021: Our review article, “Performance and Pathways of Electrochemical Cyclohexane Oxidation”, was recently published in the journal Current Opinion in Electrochemistry. See it here:
  • June 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Sophie Lee for successfully defending their thesis!
  • May 2021: Sophie Lee’s work on asymmetric interdigitated microelectrodes is published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society. Congrats!
  • May 2021: We recently published a paper, “On the relationship between potential of zero charge and solvent dynamics in the reversible hydrogen electrode”, in Journal of Catalysis.
  • March 2021: Congratulations to Tana for being awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
  • January 2021: Our Perspective paper, A reaction engineering approach to non-aqueous battery lifetime, was recently published in Joule!
  • December 2020: Renee Saraka wins the College of Engineering Outstanding BS/MS Student Award. Congratulations Renee!
  • December 2020: Our Perspective paper, “Beyond Adsorption” Descriptors in Hydrogen Electrocatalysis, was recently published in ACS Catalysis!
  • October 2020: Maureen recently hosted a socially distant lesson of the “Thriller” dance at Drexel Square. Check out our department’s moves below!

  • October 2020: Welcome new Postdoc, Harsha Attanayake! Harsha is working on the electrocatalytic oxidation of cyclohexane.
  • August 2020: Welcome new PhD student, Emre Baburoglu! Emre is studying battery processing in our collaboration with the Alvarez lab.
  • April 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Kailot Harris for successfully defending their thesis!
  • June 2019: Exciting day for the Tang (and Alvarez) Lab! Samantha Morelly successfully defends her PhD and is the first PhD student to graduate from the group. Congratulations Sam!
  • December 2018: Welcome new PhD student, Ram Gawas! Ram will be co-advised with Professor Joshua Snyder in our project on polymer electrolytes and electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reduction.
  • December 2018: Two new articles from the Tang Lab published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society.
    Cassie’s work on ozone production and Luis’s paper on alkaline hydrogen kinetics
  • September 2018: Sam’s collaboration on [imaging battery electrodes] and Kailot’s work on [charge transport in the SEI] are published in ACS Applied Energy Materials and the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Nice work everyone!
  • May 2018: Sophie is awarded a Koerner Family Fellowship and Sam has received a Drexel Graduate College Outstanding Mentorship Award! Congratulations!
  • April 2018Dr. Tang Receives Drexel University Career Development Award
  • April 2018Sophia Lee Receives 2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Award
  • March 2018: Sam’s paper on charge transport in battery electrodes is published in Journal of Power Sources. Congratulations Sam!
  • January 2018: Welcome to new PhD student Luis Rebollar-Tercero. Luis will be joining our collaboration with the Snyder Lab on hydrogen electrocatalysis.
  • January 2018: Professor Tang Awarded NSF Career Grant (Full Story)
  • October 2017: Saad Intikhab and Kailot Harris Receive Awards at Annual Electrochemical Society Meeting (Full Story)
  • June 2017: Ryan Hoos is graduating with a BS/MS and taking a job at the Tesla Gigafactory! Gianfranco is graduating with a MS and returning to Italy. Congratulations Ryan and Gianfranco!
  • May 2017: Sam wins a Koerner Family Fellowship – congratulations! (Full Story)
  • January 2017: Welcome to new student Sophie Lee! Sophie is going to be working on Na-ion battery interfaces.
  • October 2016: Samantha Morelly and Prof. Tang travel to the ECS-PRiME meeting in Honolulu to present on their research. Nice work everyone!
  • September 2016: We are hiring! Tang Lab is looking for two Ph.D. students, starting in January 2017. Both projects are funded by NSF. One project will investigate the effects of carbon surface chemistry on SEI formation in sodium-ion batteries, and the other pH effects on hydrogen electrocatalysis (co-advised with Prof. Snyder, CBE).
  • August 2016: Samantha Morelly presents on her research at the ACS Fall Meeting in Philadelphia. Nice work Sam!
  • March 2016: Charleine Aghantpa successfully defends her MS thesis
  • September 2015: Prof. Tang Awarded the Harry C. Bartels Endowed Faculty Engineering Development Fund
  • September 2015: Welcome New Ph. D. Student Kailot Harris to the Lab!
  • September 2015: Guan Huang Successfully Defends MS Thesis
    Thesis title: Hydrogen Peroxide Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells
  • June 2015: Welcome Summer Students Michael Flynn (STAR) and Ameenah Muhammed (RISE).
    The students will be Working on battery electrolytes and fuel cell catalysts, respectively.
  • March 2015: Welcome Guan Huang!
    Guan will be working on fuel cell electrocatalysis for six months as part of the Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion program with UPJV.
  • January 2015: Welcome New Ph. D. Student Samantha Morelly to the Lab!
    Samantha will be working jointly under Prof. Nicolas Alvarez on the rheology of battery manufacturing.
  • September 2014: Prof. Tang Joins CBE!