Professor Maureen Tang

  • Associate Professor, Drexel University, 2020–
  • Assistant Professor, Drexel University, 2014- 2020
  • Postdoc Stanford University, 2012-2014
  • PhD Chemical Engineering, University of California Berkeley, 2012 ​
  • BS Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2007
  • Enjoys ultimate frisbee, mom stuff, and eating donuts with grad students

PhD Students

Ram Gawas​

  • PhD Student in Chemical Engineering, joined 2018 
  • Co-advised by Prof. Joshua Snyder
  • BS Chemical Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar ‘18​
  • Block co-polymers and oxygen reduction reaction​
  • Enjoys frisbee, soccer, and board games

Tana Siboonruang​

  • PhD Student in Chemical Engineering, joined 2019​
  • BS Chemical Engineering, NYU ‘19​
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow
  • Organic electrosynthesis
  • Hobbies: Playing guitar, basketball, and making disfigured pizza

Emre Baburoglu ​

  • PhD Student in Materials Science and Engineering, joined 2020​
  • BS & MS Chemistry and Mathematics, Durham University, UK ‘19​
  • Relating drying physics to electrode performance​

Rayan Alaufey

  • PhD Student in Chemical Engineering, joined 2021
  • MS Chemical Engineering, Columbia University ’21
  • BS Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester ’19
  • Electrochemical ozone production and oxidation reactions
  • Enjoys eating out, exploring new coffee shops, and going on long walks

Karla Negrete

  • PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering, joined 2022
  • MS Mechanical Engineering, UMBC ’21
  • BS Mechanical Engineering, UMBC ’19
  • Imaging techniques and analysis of battery electrodes ​
  • Hobbies: Trad climbing, cooking, running, and trying hard to be a yoga person


Srinidi Badhrinathan


Postdoctoral scholars

Harsha Attanayake, Postdoc 2021. Project: Electrocatalytic cyclohexane oxidation. Next stop: Evonik.

PhD graduates

Luis Rebollar-Tercero, PhD 2022, Chemical Engineering. Thesis title: Alkaline Hydrogen Electrocatalysis. Next stop: GM.

Sophie Lee, PhD 2021, Chemical Engineering. Thesis title: Electrochemical Approaches to Interfacial Phenomena in Sodium and Lithium-Ion Batteries. Next stop: Exponent.

Kailot Harris, PhD 2020, Chemical Engineering. Thesis title: Mechanisms and Consequences of SEI Failure in Advanced Li-Ion Batteries. Next stop: University of Maryland, College Park

Samantha Morelly, PhD 2019, Chemical Engineering. Co-advised by Nicolas Alvarez. Thesis title: Processing – Structure – Performance Relationships in Li-ion Batteries: A Rheological Perspective. Next stop: DuPont.

Master’s graduates

Srinidi Badhrinathan, BS/MS 2022, Chemical Engineering. Co-advised by Josh Snyder. Thesis title: Investigating the Origins of Interfacial Molecular Additive Improvement of Alkaline HER/HOR Kinetics on Pt(111). Next stop: Giner.

Renee Saraka, BS/MS 2021, Chemical Engineering. Co-advised by Nicolas Alvarez. Thesis title: Correlating Processing Conditions to Microstructural Order and Performance of Lithium-Ion Battery Electrodes. Next stop: Arkema.

Cassandra Lees, BS/MS 2020, Chemical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering. Thesis title: Computational Investigation of Dead Weight Reduction in Li-Ion Batteries via Conductive Additive Gradients. Next stop: Redwood Materials.

Ryan Hoos, BS/MS 2017, Chemical Engineering. Next stop: Tesla.

Guan Huang, MS 2015, Chemical Engineering. Thesis title: Hydrogen Peroxide Electrocatalysis for Fuel Cells.


James Lansing, BS 2020, Chemical Engineering. Project: Electrocatalysts for ozone production. Next stop: CRISPR Therapeutics.