Welcome to the Drexel Wireless Systems Laboratory

“Wireless Innovations for Tomorrow”

We are a research group focused on applying techniques from many different disciplines to develop revolutionary new wireless technologies

Our Lab

The central philosophy of the Drexel Wireless Systems Laboratory (DWSL) is to take a systems-centric view of new and emerging wireless technologies using a combination of interdisciplinary research, advanced simulations, and hardware prototyping. DWSL is focused on experimental wireless communications for a diverse set of applications including: 6G technologies, wireless network cybersecurity, medical cyberphysical systems, smart cities, UAV based communications, and the Internet of Things.

Ongoing projects at DWSL encompass a wide ranging number of research areas that reflects its systems level approach to studying and solving problems in wireless communications. The lab is also working with faculty members across the university to extend its research impact into diverse areas such as medicine and functional fabrics for biomedical applications, 6G and IoT applications, UAV-based communication and sensing, smart cities, and augmented reality for wireless communication education.

Kapil Dandekar, Ph.D.

Kapil R. Dandekar is the E. Warren Colehower Endowed Chair Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Drexel University and serves as the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Graduate Education in the College of Engineering.

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Lab News

  • 4/20: Congratulations to DWSL PhD student Md Abu Saleh Tajin and DWSL Post-doc Anim Kyei on the publication of their journal paper, “Incident power and relative phase distribution mapping in reconfigurable intelligent surfaces using energy harvesting” in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.

  • 4/5: Congratulations to Kapil Dandekar for being recognized by the College of Engineering for his installation as an endowed chair professor.

  • 2/22: Congratulations to DWSL PhD student Md Abu Saleh Tajin on the publication of his paper, “Anomalous Radio Frequency Conductivity and Sheet Resistance of 2D Ti3C2Tx MXene” in IEEE Access.

  • 2/22: Congratulations to DWSL and DISCO Lab PhD student Ankita Paul, and DWSL PhD student Md Abu Saleh Tajin on the publication of their paper, “Energy-Efficient Respiratory Anomaly Detection in Premature Newborn Infants” which has been published in the journal Electronics as part of the Special Issue Neuromorphic Sensing and Computing Systems.

  • 2/22: Congratulations to DWSL Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program student Abhi Adhikari his undergraduate senior design team (Sameer Parihar, Sujoy Das), DWSL researchers Marko Jacovic and Vasil Pano, and industrial collaborator from Lockheed Martin ATL, Anthony Trezza on the acceptance of their paper “Software-Defined Radar Testbed for Multi-Target Tracking” to the 2022 IEEE RADAR Conference.

  • 1/22: Congratulations to DWSL PhD graduate, Marko Jacovic on the successful defense of his dissertation, “Securing wireless communication systems at the physical layer”, and the start of his new job at Lockheed Martin.

  • 1/22: Congratulations to DWSL researchers Marko Jacovic, Mike Liston, and Vasil Pano on the publication of their journal paper, “Experimentation framework for wireless communication systems under jamming scenarios” in IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory and Applications.

  • 1/22: Working in collaboration with Drexel Professors Steven Weber and Spiros Mancoridis, DWSL is kicking off a new project for the FAA ASSURE program.

  • 12/21: DWSL Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program student Rei Balabani was showcased for his undergraduate research to develop a campus-wide Internet of Things (IoT) testbed as part of the Drexel Areas of Research Excellence (DARE) program.

  • 10/21: Congratulations to DWSL and DISCO PhD student Ankita Paul, DWSL PhD student Md Abu Saleh Tajin, and our team for winning the Best Poster Award in the AI Systems and Applications session of the 2021 IBM-IEEE AI Compute Symposium (AICS2021).

  • 8/21: Congratulations to DWSL PhD graduate, Oday Bshara on the successful defense of his dissertation, “Millimeter wave beamforming techniques for future wireless communication applications”, and the start of his new job at Toyota North America.

  • 8/21: Best wishes to DWSL alum Xaime Rivas Rey for the start of his career at Comcast.

  • 7/21: Congratulations to former DWSL undergraduate researcher Rob Ross on the publication of his paper “An adaptively parameterized algorithm estimating respiratory rate from a passive wearable RFID smart garment” in the 2021 IEEE COMPSAC conference.

  • 6/21: Best wishes to DWSL post-doc Vasil Pano on his new job at Intel.

  • 4/21: Congratulations to DWSL part-time PhD student Mike Liston, on the publication of his paper, “Entropy based exploration in cognitive radio networks using deep reinforcement learning for dynamic spectrum access” in the 2021 IEEE WAMICON conference.

  • 4/21: Congratulations to our team for the publication of a book chapter, “Wearable smart garment devices for passive biomedical monitoring” in Springer Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology.

  • 1/21: Working in collaboration with the Center for Functional Fabrics, DWSL is kicking off a new project for the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) Institute.

  • 9/20: Congratulation to DWSL MS student, Martin Kraus on the successful defense of his thesis, “Semi-supervised machine learning based RF node authentication using properties of the wireless channel” and best wishes on your new job at Broadcom.

  • 7/20: Several patents involving DWSL researchers and research projects have been granted, including: “Adaptive pursuit learning method to mitigate small-cell interference through directionality” (US 10694526 B2), “TSV-based on-chip antennas, measurement, and evaluation” (US 2020/0212538 A1), and “System for ultrasonic communication across curved metal surfaces” (US 10594409 B2).

  • 6/20: Congratulations to DWSL PhD graduate Yuqiao Liu on the successful defense of his dissertation “Novel antenna technology for internet of things applications” and the start of his career at Maxlinear.