MATE 455 Biomedical Materials

Textbook: Biomaterials Science: An introduction to materials in medicine/Edited by Buddy D. Ratner (Third edition 2012)   ISBN #978-0123746269

Course Overview:

Biomaterials is an interdisciplinary filed. This course will provide an introduction to various biomaterials and their medical applications. Emphasis will be given to materials characterization, structure-property relationships of materials, cell-material interactions, immune response to implanted biomaterials and nanomaterials and commercialization of biomaterials.

MATE 510 Thermodynamics of Solids

Textbook: Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Materials, David R. Gaskell, Taylor and Francis, (Fifth edition, 2008)   ISBN-13: 978-1439851500

Course Overview:

This graduate course on thermodynamics of solids addresses the physical chemistry of materials, emphasizing equilibria of reactions, processes, and phase transformations that are important in the synthesis, refining, and performance of materials in engineering systems.  Students will be introduced to computational thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in this course.  Students should have the ability to use thermodynamics to solve materials science and engineering problems with a full understanding of the science of thermodynamics by the end of this course.

MATE T580 Advanced Biomaterials

Textbook: None

Course Overview:

A thorough understanding of biomaterials and immune cell interactions is critical for developing biomaterials to address medical needs. This advanced biomaterials course covers the immune responses to biomaterials and the applications of biomaterials in modulating innate and adaptive immune responses for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The principles of designing biomaterials for immunoengineering will be introduced.