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Chun-Yi Hsieh, Meng-Lin Lu, Ju-Ying Chen, Yung-Ting Chen, Yang-Fang Chen, Wan Y Shih and Wei-Heng Shih’s latest paper published in Nanotechnology, titled “Single ZnO nanowire–PZT optothermal field effect transistors” has been highlighted online in, titled “Ferroelectricity and light control current in new transistors.”

From the article: “Ferroelectric materials such as Pb(Zr0.3Ti0.7)O3 (PZT) with up and down remnant polarizations have been employed in non-volatile ferroelectric field effect memories as gate dielectrics. PZT is also pyroelectric, which means that the polarization properties can be modified with temperature. Inspired by this characteristic, researchers have fabricated a single ZnO nanowire (NW) field effect transistor (FET) on a PZT substrate. The team found that the drain current in a single ZnO NW could be modulated by an optothermal gating mechanism using PZT as the gate dielectric. Furthermore, the scientists obtained a maximum current sensitivity of 25 nA/mW for down polarization at a drain field of 83 kV/m, which is about three orders of magnitude higher than the typical 20 nA/W at a drain field of 50 kV/m for photogating transistors based on a carbon nanotube on SiO2/Si substrate architecture.”

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